Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Writing About Saturday! And Seth's Disintegration Manifestation Challenge.

Seth of Altered Page is challenging us to put outside a wrapped package of papers to see what happens over the few months time by weather. I have made mine with scraps of papers, fabrics and strings I use in my art work and hung it out in the rain from a little bird cage that hangs out my back door so I can see it and watch what the weather does to it. Go to his blog to see the directions and join in. You are to let him know you have joined the group!
A post card from our visit to an art gallery in Davis, CA yesterday. This artist had a few of her paintings done on huge sheets of linen cloth that showed shadows and reflections beautifully! (See story of our day below) Here we are back home again testing out cameras. DH and I each have a camera that has been malfunctioning and are taking photos of each other. He got my Cannon to work (for now/with fingers crossed). In front of me on the back of the chair you can see the roll of gold mesh fabric I got at the garage sale in the morning. Please excuse the rest of the mess in that room, as it is where I create! (messes and art!) ;-)
Yesterday DH and I had a great day close to home. We first did thrift stores & garage sales here (and I found a huge amount of wonderful gold open weave fabric $1 seen above); then we drove 20 minutes out of town to Davis, a University town, and went to several art galleries. My camera was on the fritz so I have few photos to share, but we saw wonderful African art including masks and most interesting fabrics and designs, local artists paintings of Sacto area and Mendocino areas, art quilts, ceramics, and more...all terrific works of art! I realized I have a new eye for art now since being exposed to so much good art through YOUR blogs! Lunch out was a very favorite of ours grilled salmon/bacon/tomato/lettuce/fresh basil sandwich on delicious sour dough bread with thick crust. We walked a lot, went into some shops, antiques (where I tried on but did not buy silver filigree earrings), art supply store where I did buy a new spiral bound sketch book and crayons for drawing on fabric, and saw wonderful papers that would make awesome collages.
It was a fun day and felt like a date with my best guy!
Today it is raining and looks like a good day to stay indoors and work on my Living Green art quilt!
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday where you live.


  1. Bummer about the cameras. hope you get them figured out.
    Interesting project your Son has going. will have to check it out.
    Sounds like a great day out yesterday with some good finds. Love that material. A day not planned turns out to be the best of days sometimes. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Cris, Seth of Altered Page is NOT my son. He is a fantastic artist in NY. I think you are confusing him with my son in law whose name is also Seth, but he is NOT an artist. Do check out Seth of Altered pages art I know you will love it. I do.

  3. oops. Sorry. I was thinking of another Friend from CA who sent me HER Sons blog to look at. :]

  4. Hey Lynn. So glad you decided to participate. I love the look of your bundle hanging there. Cannot wait to see it on May 1!

  5. sounds like such a wonderful day lynn!!

  6. What an interesting thing to do. You will let us know what happens I hope.

    No wonder you are so creative, that room just cries for creativity!!

    Geez, it feels good to be back with my friends!

  7. Teri, the revealing of the Disintegration Manifistation is for May 1 I believe and I will reveal the state of my little packet at that time. I told Seth I found it sad to see my fabrics and strings and papers hanging in the rain getting drenched. But I like to play with others so we shall see what we shall see when the time comes.

    Good to have you back too although we hardly noticed since you blogged ahead. ;-)


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