Monday, March 2, 2009

Cactus Monday and Birds of A Feather

Okay, I will be perfectly honest with you, I am not necessarily a great lover of cactus.
But I like people and I play well with others.
So I decided to jump on the band wagon and join Cactus Monday
And this is a photo of the only cactus I know of in our town
which I shot this morning on my way to work.
Luckily for me I got to stop at a red light in time to open my window...get my camera out..
and shoot through the rain to capture these tall cactus plants. I do not know their name, but perhaps someone else in the group can enlighten me.
I do know that some time during the year they put out small roundish fruit that people come by
with bags and pick off to take home to eat.
I do not know if they are the same fruit on cactus
I saw in Israel that they called "Sabra" after the native Israeli's, who are known to be
prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside!
You tell me.
Now I will have to keep my eyes peeled for my next cactus find! On my way home tonight I got this wonderful show of birds that flew
in a flock towards my car, flew away and back again!
They do this at this particular intersection often!
I'm glad I was camera ready!
It's nice going home at six o'clock and having it still light out!


  1. I dont know what it is, but Dad used to eat cactus apples and loved them so maybe thats what it is.
    We set our clocks ahead come sunday and it wont be light going home for awhile. ;{
    Love the birds flying.

  2. Welcome Lynn with your first photo of some species of prickly pear cactus. Now that you found one they will be finding you all the time! lol

    It's nice in the morning to see light earlier also.


  3. Hi Lynn!
    That´s how I started also! I just don´t like prickly things and in the garden I don´t like things with thorns etc.....
    But I red all those cactus posts and I enjoyed them very much and got on the wagon to one day.
    Meanwhile I have 5 cacti in the house! My DH is amazed.......of this turnaround.
    meanwhile I have come to learn much about cacti and come to appreciate them.
    And my eyes are trained now, I see them everywhere!
    Here the days are getting longer too!

    I missed your post yesterday because I went to sleep early....
    But Happy Cactus Monday and welcome Lynn!

  4. Your camera is fixed or this is another one you're using?

  5. There are lots of prickly pears here in Crete. The locals used to eat them at one time, so you see a lot in their gardens.

  6. Cris: I love learning about "cactus apples"...

    Teri C.: Thanks for enlightening me to "Prickly Pears"...

    Marianne: I do believe I will start seeing them everywhere...I imagined going to the florist windows and to the flower sellers at our local hardware stores to see the nurseries full of cacti. I imagine I will learn a lot there and HERE.

    Elspeth: The Cannon is working intermittingly and I did use my Fuji yesterday, which also has it's problems but worked yesterday! (Not this morning for some reason???)

    Judith: Crete is close to Israel so I imagine the "Sabra" is the Prickly Pear. (I visited Crete on a trip from Israel to US in 1963).

  7. There are many here, yes, very tasty fruit. Don't know what they are called in Greek sadly.But in Spain... they are called Chumba or Chumbo,we had a rather disgusting liqueir made from them too.Another interesting fact about them is, in Spain, most older houses have a Chumbo patch not far away where they used throw all their 'domestic waste'because the cactii filters or cleans wonder the drink tasted awful. We heard of older people not using their indoor toilets because they were so used to throwing their pots on the patch.Honest, it's true!!!

  8. i do so like the fact that you enjoy joining in, no matter what/ sounds like someone else i know...tee hee.

  9. Happy Cactus Monday a little late Lynn. My feeder reader sometimes doesn't show blogs to read for several days. A little frustrating. I too think this is prickly pear cactus. A big one too.

  10. Hi there, HCM...sorry its late, I just saw your post! Great photo of a very big cactus. Also a little sad what the rain did to your bloom, but funny too!


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