Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Raining It's Pouring on Blooming Tuesday

The look out my front door this morning...rain coming down hard but not too visible in photo...take my word for it!
Remember that pretty purple bud of an iris I posted a few days ago?
Well it bloomed and the rain did this to it. Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. AAwwww. Your poor iris. Happy Blooming Tuesday anyway.

  2. all my little iris plants are still over their heads in snow drifts....but not for much longer!

    I'll be sure to keep you in on what's sprouting ;)

  3. Oh No! We have snow on the way. I am fear for my apricot tree. It looks like it has new buds. Hugs, Mary

  4. you and lolo seem to be deluged right now. we have had a bit of sun for a change.HAW to you GL (grannie Lynn).

  5. Ah that looks like what it is doing here today. Raining. Very needed tho and much prefered to snow and ice. What fun to see what you look at when you leave your house. Poor iris. my crocus are probably going to look like that too.

  6. Oh goodness, that poor bud had such high hopes of being beautiful. I think your rain is headed our way.

    HBT on W

  7. I know Teri C. I am posting late after I get home from work so you are probably seeing my posts a day late...for the H days. Stay dry.

    It's interesting to see what everyone else around the states and the world are experiencing on the same day...

    Where are your flowers? Under ice, snow, hail, rain, or sunshine?


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