Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beauty Blooming In My Backyard

Camilla's dancing on bush and ground
Grapefruit in abundance
Peach tree blossoms
Enjoy your Saturday
six words:
When all else fails
use imagination!


  1. Lynn...that really is a beautiful camellia (as we call them in the UK. I have one that my DH bought me for my first Mothers Day after my son was born - 25 years ago. You should see it now - it is groaning with all the buds on it - and about 20ft tall!!! I'll post a photo when the flowers come out, which shouldn't be too long now if we get a few more days like today :o)
    You have a beautiful garden :o)

  2. I'm going to have to use my imagination to compete with those beautiful flowers - while it is supposed to get to 60 degrees here today, we still show about 1 foot of snow in our backyard. yuck

  3. Your garden looks so lively with all its blooms and fruit.

  4. I LOVE these signs of Spring. you are ahead of us in spring time blossoms. But it helps to see we wont be far behind. YES!!!
    Great shots.

  5. Lovely! Spring is so alive. And I love the moon shot in your banner.

  6. Oh gosh, these blooms are beautiful and luscious!!

  7. thanks for your 'ten'.aha now i see where your interest in nursery teaching comes from, as very few people would ask me how many staff we have in this school, and you did. please take that award and you are in the running for the giveaway. hugs.


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