Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quilt Show then Boat Show What a Day Yesterday!

Earlier last week DH told me there was a quilt show that would begin today in San Francisco, did I want to go? Why am I suspicious when he offers to do something FOR ME? I don't know but I was. I wasn't at all sure I wanted to go to the quilt show. Fast forward to this morning when I woke up, sun shining brightly and no hint of rain in the forecast...YES! I want to go to the quilt show. So up we got and out we went... It was the San Francisco Quilter's Guild presenting Symphony of Color 2009 Quilt Show and Sale. These are a few of the quilts that caught my eye... This one reminded me of two friends, Chris from Shady Grove and Karen Art in the Garage, both of whom live in the country. I was impressed by the detail of hand embroidery done on this quilt. This one had great depth as you can see and nice applique work...very well done.
Judy Mathieson was there talking about her quilts, the first I admit that took my breath away when I came upon them. Just a few here for you to see. I would never attempt anything of this genre with such detail, movement and tiny pieces, but IMPRESSED I AM.
And I liked this one too with the gaggle of women talking in the corner...
After viewing the over 200 quilts shown we drove through town, stopped at our 2nd favorite deli (its' our economy minded deli as we can get very good sandwiches for $4.95) and took them to the marina where DH backed into the parking space so we could sit on the tail gate and watch the boats go by.
And go by they did...a whole flotilla of sail boats paraded by right before our eyes...
That's my DH and our lunch!
And that is the parade that went on and on and on... Later we drove over to Tibourn and sat on a bench overlooking the water there
and watched this ferry boat transport people and bicyles from there to San Francisco.
Which you can clearly see in the distance.
Another good day was had by us.
;-) & ;-) *************************
When I get home later Sunday, perhaps I'll post some drawings,
as I will have spent the day in a Drawing class called
Drawing Without Fear
at the community college.


  1. What a wonderful day. The quilts are all such lovely works of art. Judy M's is amazing though. I can't imagine just drawing this quilt let alone drawing it, then cutting it out, then sewing all of those little pieces together. She must have the patience of a saint. I just love the quilts that are like pictures and tell a story.

    Watching the parade of sailboats with all those colorful sails certainly is inspirational.

  2. What a wonderful day you would have missed had you not gone. wow. Beautiful quilts and a very colorful show of sail boats too. It looked like it was a very nice day even tho DH had his coat on.
    I really liked the first quilt a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow Judy's quilts are so amazing! I'm glad you went to San Francisco too!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful day all the way around!!

    Those artistic quilts never cease to amaze me. It would be so much easier to just paint the scene but these people quadruple the effort and do it in fabric. Amazing!

    I LOVE those sailboats...a perfect picture to paint.

    Your class sounds wonderful!!

  5. I agree, these quilts are wonderful Lynn! I am currently tossing up whether to buy a sewing machine myself and you are giving me lots of inspiration.

    Those colorful sail boats would make a fantastic quilt too!

  6. Lisa, I agree with you about Judy M's quilt work. I too would not have patience for that sort of detailed work, and is why I like art quilts with more free form myself.

    Cris, it was a wonderful day and I am glad I went! ;-)

    Chris, ditto.

    Teri C. I love that you see the painting in the quilts!

    Patti, I thought the same about the sails being quilts themselves~
    And how neat that I am inspiring you to possibly start sewing art.
    Believe me mine all started with the purchase of a machine and the rest, as they say , is history!

  7. Doesn't sound like DH had any ulterior motives - and sounds like you had a lovely day. Those quilts are wonderful and what could be better than sitting on a dock in the bay...

  8. What wonderful quilts, love the Judy M. ones, I especially like the one with the gaggle of women in the corner. Another lovely day, lucky you!!

  9. What a fabulous post! Learned so much from your comments and seeing the results. Want to try the string painting, even though I hate messes, it might loosen me up a bit.

    The quilt is a find, great fabric choices....
    Welcome to Cactus Monday and have a HCM...
    Happy Cactus Monday :)

  10. Wow1 All are so beautiful!
    I especially love the cactus piece:)
    Happy cactus Monday Lynn:)


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