Monday, March 9, 2009

Cactus Monday AND Drawing Without Fear Class on Sunday

This is one of the quilts at the SF quilt show on Saturday that I really liked...and knew I had found the perfect Cactus Monday picture!!!!! (artist unknown, sorry). It really sparkled with shiny threads and yarns for spikes and other parts too. HCM (I did NOT make this wonderful quilt.)
I loved my one day drawing class. We started with the teachers book, Drawing Without Fear by Robert Regis Dvorak, and learned many techniques that left me feeling that I could indeed draw. This first drawing was done using a large bamboo stick and India ink. Instruction was to draw shapes other than circles, squares, rectangles or triangles (I cheated a little) and have all lines the end of the day we learned shading and used a cotton swab stick to shade parts of the drawing. We did several contour drawings blind (eyes closed) and with sneaking a peek while looking at the subject, but not at the paper as much as possible and not lifting the pen from the paper. This one was done with my non dominant hand and a bamboo stick/India ink.
I love this one, my unintentional Picasso style one line contour blind drawing...looking only at the subject, never at the paper and not lifting the pen from the paper.
This is the same subject also contour one line drawing but using "sneak a peek" at the paper occasionally...not lifting pen from paper.
This was the final continuous line contour drawing using ink pen (calligraphy pen dipped in India ink) using sneak a peek and adding shading. (different subject).
We were only allowed to critique using the following words:
I'll tell you I left feeling ready to do the homework: draw 2-4 minutes every single day.
Seems so doable.
We also drew looking at a picture upside down.
We drew using string dipped in ink while standing up.
We drew with paper folded in half and made ink blots to get the same thing on both sides of paper.
We drew with our eyes closed (a car we had in our lives at some time).
We drew a cotton ball using pencil (were told NOT to erase) and learned to hatch and shade.
This teacher perfers we draw with pen. He is not a fan of erasing.
It was a full day and a lot of fun!
In two weeks time I will take his water color class which is for people who have never painted before! I can hardly wait.


  1. i knew it, i always knew it, you have such a lotta talent...i think you are going to have to change the name of this 'feet well soaked', these are all WOW WOW WOW!!!!! hcm fellow cactuteer!

  2. That quilt is awesome. I would love to attend a quilt show. What you have shown us is so inspiring.

    Your class looks inspiring too. Lots of fun.


  3. beautiful quilt. I like the angle of view of the cactuses. Your drawing class sounds wonderful. I love your drawings, esp the hands. Lynn, you can draw. We all knew that but now you know too.

  4. Well first, I have to say Soul's recommendation of calling your blog, 'feet well-soaked' is PERFECT!

    That quilt should be in my house-it's so perfect.

    Your art class sounds wonderful. You covered many important things!! YOU GO GIRL!!


  5. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I like that. All positive feed back. Looks like you had fun but we all knew you could draw. You HAVE been drawing.
    Great quilt find for Cactus Monday.
    Awesoooooooooom.. :))

  6. WoooWheee! Lots of great art here it all...drawings are fantastic...and the quilt...Wowza! :)

    Happy CActus MOnday Fellow Cacuteer! :)

  7. Lovely cactus quilt! Perfect for today!
    The other sketches are interesting!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  8. SB: thank you thank you I humbly accept your many WOWs, yours truly, feet well soaked!

    Lisa of Greenbow, thanks for get to a quilt show they are awe inspiring.

    Suki, your vote of confidence in my drawing brought wide grin to my face.

    Teri, I wish I could send you the quilt. I am not sure if it was one that was for sale or not. It might be by Judy Woodfill as hers is the only name in the program I see with Cacti after her name.

    Cris, thanks for your continuing support.

    Margaret Ann, thanks for coming by, do return and glad you liked all that I posted today! HCM to you as well.

    Marianne, thanks, glad you like it too.

  9. I love it. To Koooooolllll!

  10. quilts are amazing! hbcm(happy belated cactus monday)

  11. Chris and Messyfish, thanks. HCM to you both!

  12. Your first ink drawing reminds me of Picasso's Guernica, his painting about the bombing of the city during the Spanish Civil War of 1938. Wow!

    Those are good!

  13. Martha, wow, thank you. I will have to look up that Picasso drawing you are referring to. Glad you like these!

  14. Lynniskynni, these are awwwwwwwwwwesome, I love all your drawings!
    Great just great, and drawing every day, keep drawing Lynn,


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