Friday, March 13, 2009

Fridays Sky Watched By Birds; Yesterday's Walk Included Student's Art Show

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Yesterday I had time for a walk at noon and took an hour to walk errands (post office, bank, art gallery and thrift store) before returning to my office. The sun was shining, it was sweater only warm out, and lots of flowers caught my eye. The first collage captures some of them, the sights and a few sketches I did this week as well.
click on photo to enlarge The second collage is art work at the Student Art Show at our local art gallery done by students from the local high schools. I was very very impressed by the talent seen there. Art done in ink, charcoal, paint, collages, altered books, wire, painted chairs, ceramics, mandalas, photography, chalk, pencil...and more. There must have been hundreds of art pieces filling the walls of all the rooms of this small gallery. It was hard to pick a favorite. Here are many I liked very much.
click on photos to enlarge Quote for the day from "Peace be with you": "Never lose an opportunity to see anything that is beautiful." Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Cute birdies on a wire. We get that here. Beware of walking underneath them on a sidewalk. lol
    Some great flowers and Art work.
    Kids are amazing too. So much to look at here.

  2. Hi Lynn!! I just stopped by to email you and saw your comment in my in-box :) yes, feel free to blog your goodies!

    Lots of wonderful images here today. Wow, what talented students!

    I don't know if you heard about the young vacaville man who lost his life while snowboarding, but that's my friend's niece's husband. They're expecting their first child in May. It 's so tragic.

    I can't believe you got your envelope so fast. It took me forvere to draw on all 12! I still have 3 more I haven't sent yet.

    Happy friday!

  3. I love photos of birds on wire. They always remind me of sheet music (notes).

  4. Interesting skywatch photo. We see the birds lined up on a line near our house quite often.

    You certainly were busy on your lunch break. Fun pictures.

  5. Love those birds-on-a-wire. like a birdy lineup at the police station

  6. perfect pics of the birdies for skywatch friday. love them. and what great art. hugs to you grannie lynn and see my blog for a new award 'sister'.

  7. Lovey pictures of these birds on a wire!!!!
    i see you got a lot of eye candy that day!!!
    Lucky you! and us because you shared it all with us!

  8. You had the perfect day!!! Arn't those birds funny on the lines. They are playing the telephone game.


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