Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks To SoulBrush, More Spring, More Sky and One More Sketch

Interesting that yesterday I wanted to schedule ahead those sketches for today and Blogger insisted on posting them YESTERDAY. But today they are there under TODAY'S DATE. Do you ever feel that this program has a mind all it's own? Thank YOU SOUL BRUSH for sending me this delightful package of art fabrics and embellishments! Wow. Such a fun array of things to add to my art projects. I don't know where to start, but I do see a few themes running through this. I have to tell you too that I love getting these mailers that say "Royal Mail" on them! It makes me feel I am getting something directly from the Queen! And you are just that, a queen for sending me such goodies. Thanks again! I will have fun with them. This, my friends, is another sketch from my recent drawing class. This was done standing up holding the end nearest my hand of a long string. Dipping the string in a bottle of India Ink and dragging the string over the paper to make this drawing of one of my fellow students in the class. It was to show us how little control we had over the drawing I think is what the teacher said, and so it was. But I liked how it came out all the same. Especially her tight little curls of hair!
And now I am sharing more of our spring weather with you where ever you are.
I also understand that Friday Skywatch gets posted on Thursday so here are my
most recent moons over our neighbors home across the street.
Can somebody tell me what the theme is for Illustration Friday?
Enjoy your day.
Here's a quote for you from my little book "Peace Be With You" I got from Vivian.
"Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good."
Ernest Holmen


  1. wow, i only posted it on monday here. looks so nice laid out like this, enjoy and another BIG thanks for the grandie mat/bag.and that drawing done with string is just to try it...

  2. My goodness, what a busy girl you have been. That Soulbrush is a great lady indeed. I can't wait ot see how you incorporate that zebra material.

  3. Well how sweet of SB to send all that wonderful material. Does she know you or what. :)) I can hear the brain going a mile a minute on the use of it already. :))
    Interesting drawing. looks like a person even if you were out of control. I dont think mine would have resembled anything.
    Love the blooming tree. all photos great. I dont know how you can keep all these different posting this and that days straight. Yikes.

  4. Oh I love those fabrics!! They are so African/Soulbrush!!

    That is something different with the string and ink. Learn somethign new gain.

    Go to and sign up for the email 'word' for each Friday. Usually comes about 8am. I hope to see you doing that also! :)


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