Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sketching Catching On

Oops...I tried to schedule this to come up tomorrow but after several tries it insists on showing itself NOW! So You are getting a DOUBLE SHOW today!
Spirals and Boxes
Six Moody Fish
Spring Inspiration
Mr. Nobody In Particular from my head.
Zelda has an act in the circus and Michelle Obama biceps.
(copied upside down from my drawing teachers' book)
My Patio Sitting in my backyard soaking up the sun while sketching the back patio. Vote for your favorite! ;-) I am getting way more than 2-4 minutes of sketching in a day since taking the drawing without fear class. I am a fearless drawer! ;-)
Be sure to scroll down one more post to see my completed
Living Green art quilt.


    I couldn't vote. They are all good. I love the flowers in color. Zelda, the last detailed one. The cat unside down that I thought was an elephant with its trunk up in the air when I first glanced at it...But then I saw what it really was. Guess I needed to turn it upside down. Since you drew looking at it that way.. LOL
    BRAVO Great work.

  2. Lynn it is so wonderful that this class really set you free to draw draw draw. Bravo. I like the flowers and the cat upside down and the patio too. But all are wonderful.

  3. Wow, Difficult to pick a favorite....they are all nice!
    So different!
    You have many talents Lynn!


  4. Lucky us getting a twofer. I like the last, your patio best. I could sit there and while away the hours too.

  5. Oh Lynn! I just love seeing what you're up to! And while I love all your drawings (some would make a great quilting pattern!) I have to cast my vote for springtime! (with minus 11 this morning I can use all the thoughts of spring I can get)

    (I actually don't mind getting another blast of winter as the more snow pack the better the summer fire season will be...but it's darn cold!) ;)

    Keep drawing! you are a light in this world!

  6. I am impressed with all your sketches, but I like Lyntangling most of all.

  7. Mmmm .... I just love 'lynntangling'(can see this as sensational with a bit of color), 'Zelda' is gorgeous and your 'patio' - lucky you to have such a nice spot to sit and sketch. Well okay, I like all of them really!

    You are a natural!

  8. wow - these ae great. I love the fishes and the flowers too. You're on a new journey my friend

  9. so lucky to get so much sketching in! Your patio drawing is my fav! I love sitting on patio's and sketching . it brings back the good ol days

  10. Well Lynn it's got to be the spring inspiration for me. the others are good but the flowers did it for me.

  11. Thanks to all of you for coming here and commenting on my blog. I love the sharing we do.

    I appreciate your telling me what of my art you like. It's okay to say if you don't like something too. I will only cry privately for a little bit. ;-(


    Suki, yes, the class did free me. I am enjoying drawing in a new and different way. Very much more loose.

    Ladybug, I saw those spring flowers as sheets for my bed!

    Again thanks each and every one of you who came here today. Hugs from me...

  12. YEAH!!! these are great! The patio one is pretty darn awesome!
    Fearless Lynn!

  13. My favourites are: 1) Mr. Nobody 2) Cat and 3) patio. They are fabulous. I love how loose they are, yet with so much character!


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