Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gal's Day Out Continued in photos...and words...

Now you know HOW SPECIAL my day was Yesterday. When my grand daughter arrived and greeted me by giving me this picture she had made for me at her school.
(In case you can't tell, that is me in the center and my house on the right side)
On Saturday I had a wonderful day meeting up with my cousin who came from Colorado for a visit. The photos tell the story backyards... These nature shots were taken on an hour long walk she and I took after our lunch...where we talked catching up on family, her parents/my aunt and uncle, kids, grand kids, my kids and grand kids, our lives...
I seem to find art where ever I go and this walk was no exception. Lots of ducks and egrets greeted us along our way...
The most heartfelt part of our talk was about her parents health,
and wondering how much longer we will have them in our lives.
And how much we love and appreciate them now.
Earlier we met up with my grand daughter and daughter who
came to join us for lunch.
Here we are in a toy store across the street from the restaurant
and GD is trying out a new fangeled toy you can spin in...or wear on your back
if you want to be a turtle...
Lunch was good, and just being together very very special.
We'll be together next in June when Barb comes again and
throws a big party with five generations of our
entire family of many cousins
to celebrate her Mom and Dad's 90th year!
Huggin' cousins!


  1. You have a wonderful days Lynn and the evidences shown in the lovely candid photos:)

  2. Lovely pictures Lynn and it shows what a wonderful day you had. There is nothing like being with a close cousin, I love my cousins dearly. Your granddaughter is growing up! and adorable of course, and the pictures of her and her mom are just precious.

    I can relate the the generation discussion - we have a few of that generation still around, but when they's us! Yikes!!!

  3. What a wonderful day. Your family is adorable, especially the GD. Love the pictures.

  4. lovely walk and lovely folks you walked and ate with GD is too sweet and yr daughter is lovely too. 90th year. Wow, what a fun celebration to look FWD too. Lovely landscape too. Thanks for taking me on yr walk

  5. How precious is that drawing. Wow. You Rock in your Grandaughters eyes Grandma.. :)
    Looks like a fun day for you. Nice to get together like that.
    I LOVE the egret photos. I try and try to get ours around here but my camera just isnt good enough to bring it in clear. I might steal you bird for my pond pix. :))
    Have a great class today.

  6. What wonderful days you had, the pictures are wonderful.


  7. I have always loved it when I got a drawing...and the Grandkids have made so many wonderful art for me.
    Love this...
    I am so glad you had a wonderful day, I love the pictures.
    I am still trying to feel well, it will come, I am not very patient.
    Windy and snowy today,
    Your, Mary

  8. What a beautiful perfect day for everyone!!! Love the drawing and the thoughts that go with it.

    The nature photos are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  9. Cris, you are very welcome to paint the egret if you like using my photo. No need to steal, just ask, and I will take this for an asking! ;-)

    Mim, I hear you we say we are next on deck...

    Thanks to all of you for coming by today and enjoying my wonderful day through photos and words with me. I so appreciate your visit and comments.

  10. what a fab drawing lynn, so special, frame it. yael looks exactly like her mommy. making new memories is all we have now. and it's so special. i don't know my very few cousins at all as they are in israel.

  11. Grandie SB, you would appreciate the drawing by my GD! Soon you will be faming yours from MR. As for cousins in Israel I do hope you will go visit them! Wish I could go with you.


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