Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday: Girls Day Out

My cousin is in town from Colorado. Her husband is being inducted into the Jewish Hall of Fame. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but he was a famous baseball player for the Oakland A's in 1971 and 72. So Barb and I will have a day together. She is the daughter of the aunt and uncle I write about here from time to time. The ones who are now in their 90's. We'll meet in Berkeley for lunch on Fourth Street, as she has a fav spot there: Bette's. And we may go to SF to the De Young Museum or we may just hang out around there. We shall see. Might also meet up with my daughter and grand daughter. Lots to look forward to. Oh, the fabric art above is just something I threw together when I had an extra minute and the desire to create something.
Six word Saturday: Looking Forward to Fun With Cousin!


  1. an extra minute?? wow

    Have fun with your cousin - I look forward to days like that - girls only and those days are very special.

  2. Have a great time. This sewn piece is nice.

  3. Sounds like a fun day today. Hope you meet up with your Daughter and Granddaughter too.
    Lovely quiltlet. I am partial to flowers anyway. Have fun.

  4. soon as i saw the title i knew, yipppeeee a day with the goils...enjoy and mazeltov for your cousin. and love that 'minute' piece you did. hugs.

  5. Have a wonderful day! :-)
    And that something you just "threw together"...??!! Goodness me!

  6. Geez, you just threw it together??!! It is a thrown-together beauty.

    You day sounds wonderful. I hope you share a few photos with us. hint hint.

  7. Ah shucks you guys...thanks for the praise for the little thrown together flower quilt. It's really more a collage as it's not quilted/sandwiched. LOL

    And I got the come back tomorrow for more of the today! it was awesome!

  8. You made this in just a short are really good. And like all you do it's really sweet.
    I am glad you enjoy my choice of's nice to know someone is listening.
    I hope your day was delightful, it is always so nice to meet up with family and friends.
    When I look at the picture of Arney and makes me smile, we were guffy and so in love. We both came from hard family things, and we were determind to have a different life plan. We needed each other, we were best friends.
    Thank you for the note.
    Your, Mary

  9. Great and I see that you are so content with you day out.
    And the images and illustratuins from the previous posts are so creative, all keeping you busy and creative....more "n" more!

  10. Your plans with your huggin' cousin sound Wonderful! I have never heard of the Jewish Hall of Fame. Kudos to your cousin-in-law.

    Your BEAUTIFUL flower creation immediately caught my eye. When I read that it was just "something I threw together when I had an extra minute" I had to laugh. Lynn, you are one VERY talented woman. I couldn't have thrown that together if I had a couple spare DAYS!

    Thanks for ALL the special things you share with your fans. ;-)


  11. Ter Bear, the Jewish Hall of Fame is for Athletics...I learned that on Saturday too...
    And as for my "quick" work, thank you... sometimes my eye sees a few pieces of fabric and I can hurriedly throw them together and stitch away...I had no idea this one would receive the praise it's gotten! Sweet for me.

    Thanks Yoon See, and Shopgirl/Mary for coming by again too. ;-) ;-)

  12. OMG, an extra minute? This looks like something planned and special, like for a show. It is beautiful. I can't believe the things you can just "whip out."


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