Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Sky Watch and Drawings of Men

Sky on a back country road on the way to visiting my grand children last weekend.
It was threatening rain that day.
We got a few sprinkles only. Sky in my own backyard one lone birch between two of three redwood trees. Sky between the branches and first leaves on my fig tree.
Sky and clouds over colorful back yard scene.
What I see when on my computer.
More sky in my own back yard.
Home sweet home.
Some recent drawings of men in my drawing journal.
Wishing you a good weekend.
Thanks for coming by.


  1. You are lucky you can take sky pictures in your back yard without wires going through the picture. The sky and tree tops are lovely. I like your men pictures too.

  2. Very pretty view from your window. Nice not to see houses behind you. They may be there but you dont see them. great cross hatching on the drawings. your coming along really quick in drawing people and things.

  3. FAbulous sky shots Lynn! Could that second guy be your husband?

  4. Lisa, you are right, I had to go out and look, there are no wires out there! They must all be underground. Glad you like my men pictures.

    Cris, our house is well situated for a "track home"...Large backyard and it butts up against all four of the neighbors back yards. I can see some houses from our upstairs windows. Glad you like my hatching!

    Teri C. No, husband is MUCH older than that guy, has no hair...I actually drew that off the back cover of a's the author, but does not look like HIM either.
    My drawing teacher said our people did not have to LOOK LIKE who we were drawing...but to just draw! ;-)

  5. Lovely spring shots...from stormy skies to puffy clouds. I especially like the one of what you see from your computer. I need to move my desk (when I finally get around to rearranging the basement) so I look out a window instead of having my back to it! I think it would improve my spirits...

  6. my neck has a crick in it from looking up so much. :) Your back yard view is lovely, ah here we have the yellow and pink together.

  7. Lovely pictures and view!
    Nice drawings! I think it is very difficult to do people!

    have a nice weekend!

  8. Your drawings are really good. And the sky looks a lot like ours.
    Thank you for coming by and seeing our little pets, they are part of the family.
    I am still sick, so not much happening here, me and my sofa are getting very tired of each other.
    Big Love, Mary
    ears are really hurting to the point of being sick to my stomach.


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