Thursday, March 26, 2009

Up for the Collage Challenge and some Hand Lyntangles

Soul Brush invited me (and others) to join her in a collage making art endeavor. Not sure this is what she had in mind but when I had a hole in my day at work yesterday I grabbed some magazines from the waiting area, a pair of scissors from my desk, the scotch tape (no Elmer's glue there) and went to work/play! I know, I know...I kept looking at the young lithe woman I cut out and said: "Lynn, really!" But no, she stays as that is how I FEEL if no longer how I actually LOOK. It's maybe how I delude myself, how I still see myself inside my head/body...the rest is pretty obvious! Spring has sprung here! And I am in continuous pursuit of new art explorations! Such as the lyntangles done below:


  1. collage is whatever we want it to be, love yours - it's so free looking.

    and love the handtangles, great idea

  2. These are great Lynn. I too am in a perpetual state of delusion regarding my physical self. I think that is why God made our eyesight lessen as we get older. It makes that delusion easier. Ha...

  3. I love your handy lyntangles x

  4. Lynniskynni, I feel you are exactly like that woman jumping joyfully into the blue sky:)
    love the handlyntangles too!

  5. Lynn busy as ever. Oh I WISH I could feel like galthat right now with shorts and it looking warm out but spring is still cold here right now. But thats a good image to put in the mind and think about.
    Great Lyntangles as usual. :)

  6. Well heck, I thought you posed for that girl! It is so trye how we delude ourselves. Sometimes I am even six-years-old!

    Love the tangles also. I haven't had time to look at the challenge. Yet.

  7. yes lynnie we are 'old but not yet cold'. i am soooooo thrilled you are joining in, let carla know on wings4us blog...and i think your collage is fabadabadoo, i've never even done one yet! and those handtangles rock, what's next feettangles?

  8. Mim, it made me feel free...sometimes a collage can guide you to feel a certain way...

    Lisa, cute about the eyes...I am as good as I feel inside I think!

    Jude, thanks glad you like them.

    Andrea, thanks I am HER Leaping for life! ;-)

    Cris, keep thinking it and you will create it.

    Teri C. Yes, we can be any age we want to be in our behavior and outlook on life!

    SB: I actually already thought of the feet tangles! You are reading my mind!!!! The collage was fun to do, thanks for the push/inspiration.

  9. thats how I feel inside too. Hurrah for life. Lyntanges are great and remind me of M....something. The art of decorating the body with inks and swirls. Indian I believe.

  10. Suki, glad you feel this way too!
    Ain't life grand?
    I think you are referring to Henna painting. My DIL had a party with women prior to getting married where they all got Henna painted. It something from India.

  11. Love the black and white hand!
    The collage is beautiful !

  12. I love your lyntangles they are really cool...


  13. Oh, my! These are So amazing. You could make greeting cards and posters.


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