Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My 600th Post And Wednesdays Walk...Lots of Flowers and one Critter

Beautiful tulip opens wide sidewalk art
Lilies say hello over the white picked fence
Iris from my front yard
Happy Animal Wednesday
This little lady watches me watching her
while on my walk yesterday
Today is my 600th post! That seems pretty special to me. I am not sure how long I have been posting...I need to go check on that, but six hundred times, wow. I am amazed. In six hundred posts I have shared a lot of my life; met an amazing number of wonderful people from all over the world, and been honored to share bits and pieces of their lives as well. I have been inspired to become more creative in many ways; gathered ideas that have spun off into art creations of my own and continue to grow both artistically and as a person from these connections and friendships. I thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to come visit my blog and/or who has taken the time to leave a comment. I get up each morning to start my day with checking in to this very connectedness I have created with you here and I appreciate you so very very much from the bottom of my heart. See you tomorrow! ;-);-) Lynn in California done in "Paint Program"


  1. Wow... that's alot! I've so enjoyed all your adventures, with family and in your art creations, so it's a 2 way thing? I love the connectivness?? I wouldn't be still checking in on you if it wasn't there. Congratulation and keep posting, I love it!

  2. and i have woken up and connected with loads of those 600 too, wow what a lot, must count mine one day. great stuff lynn, feet well drenched. hugs xxxx

  3. well - HAW to you too. 600 posts - that is amazing and I completely relate to your statements about what blogging has done for you and how you start your day. I also start my day with a visit to friends sites, and feel out-of-sorts if I can't get on line.

    I did think of you when I did the "Jewfish" picture - thought you'd get the joke!

    Have a wonderful 600th anniversary.

  4. Congrats on your 600th post. I will be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  5. ps. see my invitation to you on my blog today.

  6. Yay 600! Yes, it does feel good to start the day seeing what everyone is up too...a big extended family!

    Love the kitty photo of course! Looks like a vintage print almost...

  7. Congrats on your 6th century! After reading this I went to check how many I've done ... from 'Now is Wow' and 'Now is Wow Too' and the total seems to be 1,606! That's practically every day since January 2005 ... with some extras tossed in.

  8. Hello
    I never know where to reply...yes, I picked up bug on return trip. Loved the shopping and I will blog about it soon, promise, but just haven't the energy right now.x

  9. Wow congrats on 600 posts. We started about the same time and I have 538 posts. Love your photos and I really love your paint program picture.. to to cute.
    Congrats again. Keep it up.

  10. Wow what a milestone Lynn!!!!
    Glad to be part of your blogworld although I just joined you recently!
    I enjoy your post, pictures, your art and your good heart!
    Hope I will be around to see your 1200 post!

    love `>M<


  11. Happy 600 Lynn. I can't believe you've posted so many

  12. I appreciate your all coming here to day to celebrate my big day!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being such devoted blog friends. I love visiting all of your blogs too!!!

  13. 600! Congrats. I may not have been here for all them but I've been enjoying them since I arrived. Glad you're here.

  14. congratulations on your 600th post Lynn! That's a thing to celebrate. Your pictures of flowers are beautiful as usual. I thought that at one point you were going to post your "cards" with flower photos on it to be bought somewhere. did you ever do that? I'd like to get some!

  15. Difference a year...thanks for popping in and do come back often.

    Honour: I found it was going to not be cost effective to sell them, but I will make some up for you if you wish. I'll email you some photos I have and you can pick some out. Send me your email address.

  16. Cats in windows ALWAYS make me smile. :-)

  17. lynn - that would be wonderful! thanks so much -


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