Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday Photos, Drawings with Surprises From Studio Lolo

Cacti done on PAINT... Drawing done March 14 o9
From this photo taken on a walk last week... What does it look like to you? I saw some sort of flying mouse!
Another drawing done March 14 09
from this close up of the "head" of the mouse!
I had this wonderful ATC from Laurel at Studio Lolo in my mail last week, along with the cacti on the brown paper envelope and a beautiful succulent card she also painted gifted to me! Thank you Lolo. All perfect for Cactus Monday! I took the liberty to draw it as good practice for my drawing efforts. And then I turned it into a little art quiltlet sized 5" X 9" approximately; using one green dyed dryer sheet over yellow felt, some fun green plastic material over green cotton fabric for the cactus, and some glittery purple fabric for the pot, some brown fabric for the dirt, and a cotton dotted purple fabric for the curtains. I top sewed it and hand embroidered bumps (French knots) on the cactus plant and dirt. I backed the whole thing with brown paper bag, as that is Lolo's signature paper. And hand sewed it to the piece for a firmer backing. It was great fun. I will send the quiltlet on to Lola, as it was her art that inspired mine! Happy Cactus Monday


  1. Wowzers!! Your creativity just overflows in the most wonderful directions!!!!!

    Great job on the drawings too!

    Lolo is the sweetest!

  2. Lynn, These are awesome and what a treat from 'Lolo' to you and what you did with it to send back to her. That turned out very well.
    I see something flying for sure in that first photo of yours... Like a cartoon character. The second one I see a fish. :)

  3. You are really running with this now.
    Liked the cactus mouse

  4. Wow Lynn, what a great CM post!!!
    I´m amazed by what you can!
    I too saw the flying mouse and if he jumped aside to catch a ball......
    Great drawing!
    And beautiful ATC from Lolo! She is so sweet!
    Lucky you!
    And you turned it in a mini quilt!

    happy Cactus Monday!

  5. what incredible art you are doing now lynn, these cactuses (cacti) are great. looks like someone jumping our from behind a bush shouting 'surprise!'....
    btw, my 'picasso' esque art for IF is my own,your asking me whether it's his or mine, made my chest swell out in pride. hugs.

  6. What a treat this post has been...each inch packed with wonderful creations!!! Love your photographs and your interpretations of them...Well done! Happiest of Cactus Mondays to you fellow cacuteer! :)

  7. You are exploding with spring inspirations. Wow... I love the mousey cactus. Maybe it is his mother in law on his back. tee hee... Happy Cactus Monday.

  8. I think the flying mouse cactus looks like a child's old, floppy teddybear.

  9. Teri C. thanks..I am having fun.

    Cris, glad you like what I did on the fabric cactus. A fish huh? Okay if you say so.

    Judith, he's cute isn't he? Or is it a she mouse?

    Marianne, your words all warmed my heart coming from the artist you are!

    Soulbrush, thanks, and you deserve it and I was serious.

    Margaret Ann, thanks for coming by and thanks for your fine comments too. HCM to you as well.

    Lisa, do we need to talk about mother's in law? That sounded deep.

    Elspeth, now that you say so I see the Teddy Bear too. Very floppy.

  10. Oh, the creative genius that is you.

  11. Wow! This is one super post with so much!
    Totally wonderful what you have done here.... all of it... HCM from another cacuteer :-)

  12. Happy Cactus Monday Lynn.
    All the cactus pieces are so beautiful and creatively done.
    I love your cactus creations.

  13. omg this is all just so amazing and brilliant. I love the flying mouse, then I loved the gift from studio lolo that you copied then i was even more impressed by the amzing fantastic beautiful quiltet you made.!

    HBCM(happy belated cactus monday)

  14. Welcome Pouty Lips, Messy Fish, Flying Colors and Yoon See, Margaret Ann, and Lisa at Greenbow:

    I invite you all to become "Followers" of my blog, as that will give me a heads up on when you blog and I can more easily follow yours as well. I hope you do.
    I greatly appreciate your coming here and leaving such warm kudos for my art! Thank you, thank you, I humbly bow in appreciation!


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