Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paint program Zentangle

I have been having fun using "Paint" and creating pictures...this is sort of a zentangle done in that program. Try it, you'll like it. Is this wild enough for you?
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  1. Hey, you discovered a new toy!!! It looks great. Now I need to go play with it too.

  2. This is cool. Very colorful.
    Do you have a special program to do this?

  3. this is perfect for me, not wild at all....tee hee. (where is this programme? tell me more)

  4. Cris, the 'Paint' program is on my computer PROGRAMS under ACCESSORIES. See if you have it. I think it is pretty standard, has been for years, but I never really used it before now.

    Teri C. I can C you going wild with this too!!! Come join the fun.

    Lisa, yes, quite vibrant!

    Soul Brush, you too can have fun, look under your PROGRAM FILE AND ACCESSORIES! I bet you have it too.


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