Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday's Garage Sale Day; Fabulous Finds and Wonderful Critters

Sunday Flowers...
Saturday's Garage Sale Day...started off windy, with thick fog over the hills but soon the wind died down and the sun came out...and so did the critters starting with the burrowing owls we love so much... Driving through the country side was so bucolic and peaceful...
This is fog rolling over the hills (not snow)
We were well received by all the animals...
And we were very lucky at all the garage sales...
Look at his one and think BEADS... All those necklaces I got from one guy who has a huge barn sale on going and he gives his stuff away for pennies. I kept finding more and that was another quarter (for a handful of necklaces and bracelets); sequins, a large roll of tulle, thin gold wire; paper tags; bags of never used letter and number stamps; and three lovely wood birds in flight that DH was sure would look nice on an art quilt one day.
these art sketch pads were never opened, and might be for grand kids and/or me, stickers, phone message book for work...$1 for all...
This I picked up for our 4 and a half year old grand daughter to play dress-up/bride...
She'll love it. Another good drawing pad with graph paper...was sure it would be good for something...
and never opened huge packet of photo paper for my HP printer...
Llama says hi.
This guy was terrific. I got my wire and paper tags from him,
but when he learned DH was a teacher he gave him a sharks tooth (fossil) in a glass covered wooden box and three
turquoise stones he had picked out to buy for free (they would have been $10). His helmet is from a museum. He buys many collector items and sells them very cheaply.
DH and he talked fossils for some time.
Here are my bead scores close up....
This little bag is green velvet and so pretty and soft.
I did buy it for the beads, but who knows I may wear it as is for a while first.
this is the shoulder strap for that little purse above
Lots and lots of usable beads
Fossilized sharks tooth and turquoise stones
These little dolls surround a large mirror.
I saw them as dolls to cut off the surrounding cloth to use on art work pieces.
There are 29 of them.
50 cents.
It was a fun day. We stopped for lattes and scones for lunch.
Were home by 1 PM with time for lots more creating.
Oh, I also saw tons and tons of cacti.
I have enough cacti photos to get me through the next three or more months of cactus Mondays.
Yes, Teri C. you may say you told me so~
Even DH was pointing them out~


  1. What a wonderful Sunday you had...everything you could ask for, all rolled in to one day!

  2. Nothing like a beautiful Saturday and all that good stuff. You hit the jack pot. Love all the beads.I am constantly looking for beads. And the vail for your Granddaughter is fab.
    I can hardly wait for Friday and Saturday sales. It has been a long winter so far and we are all ready for spring. Lots of love, Mary

  3. zounds is all i can say. a fun day and fun place both outside and inside. Bead well, suki

  4. Oh My! What a FANTASTIC Day. Beautiful scenery, adorable animals, and Lots of TREASURES! Wow. I want to tag along with you one day. You always seem to find such great bargains. Have fun "playing" with your new finds. :-)


  5. Told ya!!! lol

    You found a virtual treasure chest of goodies. All those animals will be great for animal wednesday! Maybe I will steal one and sketch it. Love those goats.

    What a fun fun day you and DH had!!

  6. Yes, Terri C. ya told me so and ye were right! LOL
    Luckily I took way more photos of animals I can use on Wednesdays to come, and a trillion cacti for Mondays too. ;-) I'm set for a while. Please do draw my animal finds. I'd be honored.

    Teri and cats, it was a grand day.

    Mary/shopgirl, I hope your sales open up soon. It's great fun.

    Suki, I will bead well. Thanks!
    Zounds back at cha.

    Terbear, do come garage saling with us one Saturday. DH will keep you in stitches.

  7. Wow - great scenery. You two go on some fun-looking adventures. The owl in the first pic looks like Henry (same kind of expression).

  8. Sounds like you got some good bargains there.

  9. WOW.. You found utopia. You are always finding cool usuable things for your art.
    I LOVE the GOATS. what a painting that would make.
    LOVE LOVE the clouds over the mountains. wow what a great shot.
    I am not sure I could cut up that purse. But who wears one like that any more? Nice guy who gave DH the freebies too.

  10. ps..I missed the flower you did.. very pretty. done on computer?? I know I missed more to comment on. so much good stuff here.

  11. I loved seeing all the animal photos. Your yard sale "finds" are great. I should be so lucky.

  12. What a great day you had!

    The bridal veil looks a lot like the juliet cap and veil I wore at my wedding, which was handmade.

    I loved the little dolls also. You are clearly an expert 'finder' :)


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