Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just A Couple of April Fools

1978 2008


  1. aaaw lynnie what a delightful little sketch, says it all, and look at you two, still as handsome and as fetching as ever. mazeltov on your 30 years and may you have another 30 more!

  2. WOW. What a good looking couple! DH certainly had a twinkle in his eye back in the day didn't he?
    Congrads on the anniversary!

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,:) you are looking sweet, here and there!
    Have a wonderful day with your love


  4. Happy Anniversary. Your drawing is wonderful. I can see the humor that 'drew' you to him. :))

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!
    You got married on April Fool's Day?! I love your sense of humor!! Are you doing anything fun today?

  6. You both look stunning, then and now. Many,many congratulations.

  7. Wow Lynn,
    30 years and still happy!
    What an achievement and how wonderful!!!!!!
    HAW and happy April fools day!

  8. aaawww lynn thanks so very much for your encouraging comments on my soulbrushcollage blog. it has been hard to start, but now i feel inspired and so much better, hugs and warm fuzzies to you, and i will enjoy a cyber hug from you right now.

  9. ah! this is where lolo's cactus came from, with the dryer sheet idea i marveled at!! i hope you don't mind my stopping by. and while i'm here, happy anniversary to a great looking couple!

  10. SB, thank you for your Mazol Tov! :-)

    Mim, yes, and the twinkle is still very much there!

    Chris, thanks.

    Andrea, thanks...we will.

    Cris, yes, he still makes me laugh.

    Teri C. yes, I had fun writing to Terrific Teri C. LOL And it was HIS idea to get married on April Fools Day!!!

    Jude, thanks a bunch.

    Marianne, yes, it is wonderful to still be happy together!

    KJ: welcome and glad you liked the cactus with dryer sheet. Do come back again, and again. ;-) And thanks for your kind words.

  11. April fools, I think not, look how lovely you are together. Many more!
    Hugs, Mary

  12. 30 years, Wow, thats a long time and just look at the 2 of you. Happy Anniversary.

  13. Beautiful fun sketch and good to see you back in 30 years back....and now also look so stunning!!!!!
    You all look brilliant, radiant complimenting each other:)
    Happy & blessed anniversary Lynn!


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