Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Invitation To A Art Quilt Show at ATWI20Q and Some Collages

If you want to see some amazing art quilts go to Around the World In Twenty Quilts, the group I joined last year. We have just finished our third challenge: Brave New World. And these women from around the world have outdone themselves...find the link there on my side bar. I know you have seen mine already, but it's my invitation to seeing the whole show! **********************************************************************************
these are some pages pencil painted with my colored pencils
and torn and glued into pages of my drawing journal
I call this one: "I'm hiding"
I'll let you name this one birds flying, moon hanging makes no sense at all so don't try to make any sense out of it I'm just having fun and it doesn't take much to amuse me :-)


  1. These look like lots of fun to me.

  2. I got a chuckle out of.. it doesnt take much to amuse me. LOL
    Love the colors. It's feel good therapy. :))

  3. I LOVE your little quilt. I went over and fab'd it.

    Name: 'Hiding in Color' well, you asked. lol

    Such an interesting use of collage. You are really getting into it.

  4. Teri C. thanks for playing along.
    And glad you made it over to the quilt show. You are FAB!

    Lisa it is fun!!!

    Cris, nice to give you a smile.

  5. gorgeous quilt, and what i love about you is that you have a 'go' at everything, my sorta girl. the second collage says to me 'roads'.

  6. Okay, roads and hiding in color! Both great names! Thanks!

  7. Same it amuse me and I am having lots of fun pondering for deeper thoughts and understanding.
    Admiring all the cool splashes of colours!!!!!


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