Friday, April 3, 2009

Stop Rain? And The Hands Have it!

The sign says STOP the rain, but in reality we can still use some more rain so bring it on!
Happy Sky watch FridayThis evening I sat on my couch and drew my hands with black pen using the "sneak a peek" exercise with not lifting pen from the paper much...then I got out my water colors
and painted them too...sitting on the couch. I did not spill the water either!
My veins look like river outlets or inlets here...
Remember those little white framed rectangle abstract watercolors
I did in my art class last weekend?
I took them to my office and put them on display on my white book cases
and my clients really liked them.
"Great art!" I heard!
How fun to hear about my very first attempt ever!!!!
Have an art filled weekend!


  1. drawing hands is so much fun, and they tell such a story. These are wonderful and I like the watercolor added.

  2. I love your hands!!! I can't believe what a great job you did not looking and I love to do that technique where you do not take the pen off the page! It made me think of when I drew my own hand back for Valentines Day...I had to go back and find it. It is very basic compared to your hands here...if you want to see the one I did go here: Julie's Hand. I am not an artist, but enjoy playing around!!!
    Have a happy Friday!

  3. Well done! I think the artworks already showing a very positive progress.
    Keep up your good works.
    I'm glad you enjoy your class and your co-workers were happy & gave a thumb up compliment to you.
    That's the reason to chase and enjoy every moments of it.
    Happy weekend Lynn!

  4. They are right. You are a natural artist. I can't wait to see what comes next

  5. You sure have smart clients!! lol isn't it amazing what a frame will do?

    I like the hands. Now I have to give youA+ for continuing to practice your art!!

  6. First off I love your sky pix. How you got the signal in and show off the sky. Second.. WOW.. on the hands. you are not the same Lynn that started getting your feet wet a couple years ago. You have evolved to soaking wet all over. :)) Fantastic growth in a short time. I cant imagine what you will progress to but you will keep on growing I am sure.

  7. Very good drawings of your hand. Nothing like a positive feedback. I can't wait to see what else you do.

  8. I love the watercolors with the white borders. Keep painting for sure.

  9. Do you have any closeups of your new framed water colors? I'd love to see them. I took ONE watercolor class while on holiday last year ... it was fun.

  10. Mim, thanks.

    Julie, your hand was good too. thanks for the link and do come again.

    Yoon See, I appreciate your thumbs up as well!

    Chris, you are too kind.

    Teri C. love having you as my teacher,you hand out such good grades!

    Cris, please pass the towel! ;-)

    Lisa, I'll try to continue to produce, thanks.

    Pouty, thanks a lot.

    Honour, I do but they are a bit blurry so I will retake the photos next week for you, stay tuned.

  11. Amazing Lynn!
    hands are so difficult and you did them soooooo good!
    Your first art attempt is wonderful as well.
    You are really talented, no doubt about it!
    Must have been nice to hear the comments on your own work!

  12. I love hand drawings.. These are great...

  13. hands that get
    hands that give
    hands that clutch
    hands that let go
    hands that point
    hands that just go...

    beautiful hands


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