Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Watercolor Beach and Ocean in Fiji Island

On Thursday I took a walk from my office to the thrift store and got some new books (free).
One is called Fuji and is full of photographs of the island and beautiful sunsets and beaches. I thought it would make good photos to copy for my practice paintings.
This is my first attempt at a beach scene. I painted it in my new drawing pad that is for drawings and watercolors.
I did another couple of watercolors today and I made a small quiltlet.
Saturday morning we will garage sale shop, not because I need anything, I don't but because its a way DH and I enjoy a Saturday morning together...anyone else do this or are we the only crazy ones?


  1. Great spread Lynn. That book must have some fantastic photos.

    My DB wouldn't go to garage sales with me. I have a friend that is a big garage saler. I only go occasionally.

  2. Wow.. you sure are one busy woman. a quiltlet too? That new book sounds like a good book to practice from. . .not to much detail but alot of simple beauty like your painting.
    Yes my DH and I love to go Garage saling too. But it isnt the season for it here yet. to cold.. Almost tho. :))

  3. Wow Lynn, quilting is certainly not your only talent!!!!!
    This is really great!

    have a nice weekend!
    hug >M<

  4. Congratulations on getting into watercolor. That is one tricky, unforgiving medium. But you look like you're doing great!

  5. I can see that are really inspired!! You just keep up the great work!! And a quiltlet, GEESH!!

    You would not catch me near a garage sale but DH kind of likes them.

  6. Thanks everyone, you are too kind. This is just the work of a very beginner.
    I saw some nice watercolors at a flea market this morning, and complimented the artist. She responded by saying "My Sister is REALLY GOOD!" Funny...there will always be someone better!

  7. Wonderful journal entry Lynn!! Very peaceful.

    I have a friend who's been garage saling with her DH for the past 25 years or more. They're such pros! I can't believe the great stuff they find cheap and then make a good profit on Ebay. It's very time consuming though.

    I'll be having a big moving sale in a few months. Ugh, just thinking about the work makes me tired !

  8. this is so good lynn, practise really does make perfect. my hubby doesn't like any shopping, but i enjoy doing things on my own, i have to.

  9. Love your watercolor, it is nice to take a adventure, something new.
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Lynn,

    This is really nice. Makes me want to try watercolor again.


  11. hi lynn,
    those are real nice watercolors for a first-time painter! super! was nice to meet you and your husband today in locke. hope to see you at wilbur hot springs sometime. nice quilts and photos, too!

  12. Studio L. I never thought to resell what I buy. I buy to use now, but when I am over stocked that certainly is an idea!

    SB, will continue to practice!

    Shopgirl, thanks! I am always adventuring!

    Kate, by all means DO!

    Martha, honored by your coming by to look and comment. Thanks so much.
    Will see you in Locke for music and art!

  13. Yeah, great effort!
    It really shows us the beach side good weather and spectacular waterlines and waves.....
    I would love to have a stroll down there:)


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