Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fuji Island Watercolor #2 and Garage Sale Finds and Gift embellishments Displayed For all To See

My second attempt to use a photo to draw and paint in watercolors. A small bamboo skewer bought at the grocery store was used to put in the tiny trees on the hills.
****** I did some organization (very little) in my studio yesterday...these beads were gleaned at past garage sales... The front cubicle's contain on the left metal pieces from Judy Wilkenfeld of Red Velvet, and on the right tiny beads and a stamp from Corryna of Corryna's blog. The top contains beads from a garage sale.
And can you just see the Valentines that will come out these finds? A large amount of silky light red fabric from the thrift store and a ton of heart ribbons from a rummage sale yesterday!
The same rummage sale brought me two sheer orange scarves, a gold and black one, and
a cookie cutter (metal) that I am betting will make a great stamp for paint on cloth of heart,
spade, diamond, star,cross, and club.
Very few coins crossed hands for any of these wonderful treasures.


  1. I like your beach scenes - and you've got the perspective right. I tried that method you mentioned about painting a watercolor and cutting it up - looks pretty good!
    Have a good week,

  2. Your style of watercolor is so expressive of the watery world you are depicting. Lovely.

    Your collection of treasures look like such fun in the making.

  3. Yes the watercolor is very expressive and colorful. I can 'feel' the warmth. ahhhhh
    Great finds at garage sales. nice when they don't cost much. I see lots of treasures coming from them. Do you realize how much you save making things for your grandkids and family? And how much more personal they are too.

  4. how vibrant, just my style. enjoy your finds.

  5. You almost make garage sailing look like fun, but I'm not falling. lol

    Pretty scene and very inventive of you to use those sticks for trees.

  6. Great finds!!!!! Your watercolor is so cool. I like the idea of doing that from a photo!!!

  7. feet in cold depths
    arms embracing the sun...
    i was an island...

  8. Mim, thanks your feedback means so much.
    Would love to see your cut ups too.

    Lisa, Wow, thanks.

    Cris, thanks for your take on the watercolor too.

    SB, glad you like it.

    Teri C. the trick with bamboo stick I learned in class!

    Julie, yes, the photo helps. Thanks.

    HB, love your remarks in poetry form always!

  9. Cool! Really really cool!
    I heart them!


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