Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday With Fun Cacti Finds from Saturday!

Pen and ink from photo I took on Saturdaydrawn in pencil, colored in colored pencils, ink pen added watercolor #3
I knew you cactus lovers would adore this Saturday find of an artsy address sign post...I have driven by this house a million times with out seeing the vast array of cacti in it's front yard nor this artifact in green extended arms! This time I SAW and grabbed camera, stopped car and captured all. I will save some for future CMs. Is this a Wowzer or What?
Stunning... I took this photo from cacti in that front yard!
and we are no where near Arizona! :-) And it became the model for the art above.


  1. hey lynn- feetwellandtrulydrenchednow.these are all so great, hcm fellow cactuteer.

  2. That's a crazy looking cactus mailbox. I thought it was Gumby from a side view when I first saw it.

  3. wow.. lovely cactus finds!HCM!

  4. How cool is that?? I love all of your cactus renderings. You had a good model, she stood very still. Happy Cactus Monday.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! U've tried it in different mediums!:)
    And the Cactus is just out of the world! (with red 'horns'!) Never seen any cacti like that before! And the sign post ... no words!

    I am a new fellow cactuteer...

  6. brilliant! I love that letter box. Oh and the red pears on that cactus. Your watercolour is lovely. HCM

  7. Good morning all.
    SoulBrush, HCM and thanks!!

    Chris, isn't it Gumby like though?

    Pea, thanks for coming by...thanks.

    Lisa, Yes,she did!

    Deep, welcome and do come again! Thanks.

    Messy, I appreciate your comment on my painting...thanks. ;-)

  8. Wow.. lovely work. all of it. Isnt it amazing how we can pass by things and never see them until you take an interest in a certain subject and then they are everywhere!?

  9. Wow! Very outstanding cactus piece!
    Green vs red.
    Happy Cactus Monday Lynn!

  10. Wonderful cactus post Lynn!
    beautiful artwork and pictures!


  11. what fun, lynn. i love driving around, camera nearby, and seeing what people do in their homes and yards. wait--that doesn't sound quite right--haha, i'm not peering in their windows but--oh you know what i mean!!

    your quilts are special.

  12. Thanks for ur appreiation & encouragement Lynn. I'll surely be coming bac!

  13. Wow Lynn, what a great CM post!! You hit the jackpot with the sign and photos huh? It was a 'sign!'

  14. My Mother would be right at home in the Cactus. Love your art! And the pictures are really pretty.
    Pee Chee was a must, I doddled all over everyone I ever had. I thought for sure they would come back, but not yet.
    Sounds like we had some fun afternoons. Our TV was in a cherry wood cabnet. I can't remember how big it was, but I know it was small. Happy memories! Mary

  15. Wow. I l really like the water color cactus. Will you perhaps quilt it next? I love all the creativity that pours out of you!

  16. The only thing missing here is a quilted cactus! I love your element of fun in your art.

    Someone lives in that house with a great imagination!! Love those cacti!


  17. Oh my, Terry and Teri C...I did a fabric cactus already...remember the one I made for Studio Lolo?
    Do I have to make another?

    I do have fun with my art.
    Isn't that what it is all about...having fun?

  18. Thanks to everyone else who came here that is a lot of comments for one post. I feel so very honored and all your words warm my heart!!!! Do come again, and again!!!!

  19. Nice art works!!! Love your prickly pear fruits!!! that a mailbox holder (green wooden cactus)??? How cool.

    Happy CM!!!

  20. lynn, i don't know why blogger is directing you (and others) to my dashboard and not my main blog, which is called OPTIONS. please come visit me again there....i would like that.


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