Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lynn's Photo Cards For Sale Now.

All photos are copyright by LynnCohen Six new Owl Cards: #1-OWL 2 Owls #2-OWL "Who?"< #3 OWL "Squirrel Friend of Owl" #4-OWL "Pensive Owl" #5-OWL "Staring Owl" #6-OWL "I see you owl" #7-OWL "On Watch Owl" See below for several more owl cards: Owl Couple; Owl head cocked
Once again I am bringing forward my photo cards for sale. I will sell them directly to blog friends to be paid by check or money order to be arranged when you email me at Price is $4 per card or ten cards for $35. Add $2 to ship in US and $4 to ship everywhere else. The cards are 5" X 7" and the glossy printed photos are 4" X 6"...The card paper is thick firm card stock in green or white with matching envelopes. Cards will have no writing on front and inside cards are blank so you can write on them yourself. Colors are significantly brighter than show on the computer. Cards will be signed on the back. All photos were taken by me using either the Canon Rebel Xti or Fuji finePix S700. Identify the card (s) you want by number and name please. #1 Dragon fly left
#2 purple thistles #3 spider web over flower pot
#4 spiral spider web
#5 owl couple
#6 owl head cocked to left #7 sunflowers for sale
#8 peach blossoms kissing the sun
#9 spiraling rose
#10 California Poppy
#11 beauty in burgundy
#12 three white lilies
#13 wide petal camellia
#14 orange/red Iceland poppy
#15 closed peach blossoms
#16 blooming tea blossoms
#17 lavender bearded iris
#18 Camellia shouting hello
#19 visiting blue tipped dragon fly
#20 crazy patched art quilt by Lynn
#21 passion flower
#22 orange sunshine flower
#23 shouting pink for spring
#24 yellow center of lily
******************************************************************************** Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. Truly gorgeous photos.
    I love making cards for friends and family from all my photos.
    Good luck.

  2. I definetly want the owl ones and will come back when I have more time and write down the names of others -

    Lovely photo's lynn!

  3. i thought i was on the wrong blog...omg you are such a 'mover and a groover'. good luck girl!

  4. lynn, very nice. will have to look through these when i have more time and then will order. great!

  5. Good for you Lynn. These are wonderful photos and the cards, having one sent to me recently by you, are really very good quality. Worth more then four bucks each.
    Couldn't enlarge Henry to see the pix better but he looks like he was having fun. :))

  6. love your new header by the way and HAW

  7. Lovely cards. And re Henry ... I know it well. Jasper has a similar hobby.

  8. Your cards are gorgeous. I love the owl couple. Happy Animal Wednesday.

  9. Jude, thanks...

    Mim, So happy that you want some! Aren't the owls great? They are our neighbors and we visit them often.

    SB, you crack me up!!! Yes, I'm a movin' and a shaken'!!!

    Cris, sweet of you to give a first person review of my photo cards!!!

    Suki, oh goodie, glad you want to order too. They are so nice to send out (if I do say so myself).

    Mim, thanks re: my new header! I thought it gave a spring like feel to the blog!

    Elspeth, thanks, and yes, Jasper and Henry have so much in common.

    Lisa, glad you like them, thanks...HAW to you too! ;-)

  10. How fun!! the owl couple still has me cracking up! Thanks so much for posting these!

  11. Your photos are very beautiful and lively.will make someones day happier and cheerful!Good luck!

  12. #5 and #21 are my favorites. I like your new header.

  13. Pouty, those happen to be my most favorites too!

    Lady bug and Pea, thanks for your comments! Glad you are laughing and feeling cheerful.


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