Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blooming Tuesday in Many Forms: Fabric and Photography

Once again I wanted to try something new. Today's challenge came from an idea I'd been playing with about using the paper towels I use to clean up paint and wipe my paint brushes on. And today I saw a tutorial on another bloggers' post ( about using the paint covered paper towels in various art mediums such as paper, collages and fabric. The top photo is the back of the piece or the batting on the back of the paper towel. Since I used the same thread in top of the machine and in the bobbin that comes out on back I got two different pictures. The bottom or next photo is the paper towel with paint residue on it, dried, and ironed and then top stitched free motion style.
This photograph of the beautiful fern is in my cousins back yard...seen this past weekend. As was this photo of a wonderful tree surrounded by these pretty blooms.
Happy Blooming Tuesday


  1. these are outstanding, i love them both....what a great idea. your energy and imagination knows no bounds, that's what keeps you so young!!

  2. This is so are trying new stuff..thts gr8! And turned out to be a pretty one:)
    And the pink blooms are so lovely..So catchy...eye candy:)

  3. natalia wrote about using paint stained paper towels in collages and so i have done that myself though never thought about ironing them. i cant recall the last time i ironed anything though i plan to take moms small tabletop ironing board with me along with her iron, just in case.

  4. beautiful photos! I love unfurling ferns. Say that ten times fast!
    Trees are very special too.

    That paper towel art is a hoot. Talk about upcycling. Wow!
    There's so much happening in vacaville!!

  5. You find more things to create on or with. Very interesting idea. I will go check the link out. Pretty photos too. I posted blooms today too.

  6. Soulbrush, glad you like them, thanks. Isn't creating and trying new things what it's all about?

    Deepazartz, those pink blooms sure caught my eye too.

    Suki, ironing the paint stained paper towels makes the paint stick for good. Be sure they are dry first or they will muck up your iron. (I only use an iron in my art work too!) :-)

    Studio Lolo, thanks, glad you like the photos!

  7. a lot of those atc's are gone...i made the miniature 'fleeting mask' one (#7), specially for you as you asked whether it was an atc, i also have given you the mother and child you requested earlier on, which wasn't gone yet....and the ashante dolls,your first request, hope that's okay me darlin'.

  8. That's a great idea, reuse and recycle. Now I just need to get back to my painting in the first place!

  9. OMG this is the ultimate recycle project. Love the photos of the flowers too. That fern is gorgeous. I have several ferns in our garden. They aren't up yet. They are starting to unfurl.

  10. I like the paper towel. Interesting.

  11. And a mighty BLOOM to you too.

  12. Wow what a flowers!!!!!!!
    Here it is finally Spring also!
    But nothing that stunning to be seen here yet......

  13. Lynn, you are a woman of amazing! Blossoms in so many forms! It truly is a beautiful time of the year for finding just the right shot. Then again, I think you live where there are blossoms most of the year, right?

    Have a Lovely Day!


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