Monday, April 13, 2009

Challenge Myself For Cactus Monday & Go To The Movies

Today I gave myself a challenge for an art art quiltlet. This piece is 8" X 15" and the challenge was to only use scraps of fabric from either my floor, design table, or next to the sewing machine. Nothing new on the front.

I wanted to use both my embellish/felting machine and my sewing machine. I had no design or plan in mind. I picked up the scraps and they consisted of: recycled green dyed by me drier sheets (2); orange felt, pieces of brown, dark green and yellow felt. And one strip of cotton green/brown fabric. I did take a new sheet of golden felt as a background from my stash.

As I turned and twisted the drier sheet strips (I also denied myself the use of scissors...I had to use the pieces as they were unless I could tear them by hand) I tore strips of green dryer sheets and as I twisted the drier sheets it became apparent that I was making a cactus. Okay tomorrow is Cactus Monday so this needed to be completed by late tonight so I could post it on my blog by tomorrow.

I invented a cactus modeled by none I'd ever seen. I machine felted all the scraps onto the golden sheet of felt; I added some threads from my thread nest that sits by my machines, but they are hidden now by other pieces of fabric; and the brown strip of felted felt twisted itself into a large long snake. More felt pieces elongated the piece and added depth, some plant life and rocks.
I allowed myself to pull a new fat quarter from my stash collection for the backing and I brought it forward for a frame around the whole picture. I top sewed the whole piece using variegated thread. I then added multi colored sequins to the cacti and one plant. I used metallic gold thread to hand embroider stitches to add interest and quilting by hand. And used burnt orange embroidery floss to make French knots to the bottom right area for more texture.
I found a piece of brown ribbon in the bag of threads I was using and added it to the bottom and adhered it into place using embroidery floss. I only broke a couple of my own rules for this challenge. I started it around one o'clock today and finished it a bit before eleven tonight.
The colors are more vibrant than the photos show.
Click on photos to enlarge to see details if you want.
I had fun.
Happy Cactus Monday.
Monday night I added another piece from the backing fabric to the back to cover all the embroidery stitchery giving it a nice clean smooth back and more bulk. I hand sewed it in place with nearly invisible stitches. **************************************
And if you missed my first movie yesterday go to the post below this one and watch it. Admission is free. Bring your own popcorn.


  1. That is do something from pieces, scraps & 'left-overs' would have been really challenging...Bravo!
    Your quilt does look colorful & bright.Attempt Accomplished!
    Thanks for the movie, BTW:)

  2. gasp, this is fababadabadoo honey! i am overawed once again at your artistry and your skills. love your header and am going to watch film HCM fellow cactuteer.

  3. This is absolutely fabulous. Such detail. You do have a gift to create with your sewing machine. I so admire this gift. HCM

  4. You totally amaze me. Out of scraps and no idea what you were going to do comes a cactus picture for Cactus Monday. DH must see it in the picture now. Bravo. This deserves a standing ovation!

  5. Deep, was a fun challenge! glad you enjoyed the movie too.

    SB: You are too kind! Glad you like the header, me too. ;-) Hope you enjoyed the movie.

    Lisa, glad you like all the details. I had fun making it. thank you.

    Cris, I appreciate your words of praise. No, he doesn't get it. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

  6. Beautiful! I love the snake. What a fun challenge.

  7. Thanks Terry, I am so glad you like the snake.

  8. Really vibrant and energetic piece. Sunny and makes me laugh!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lynn.
    You are so creative whether with illustration or quilt. Beautiful!

  9. Wow, this is really inspiring to see what you can do with scraps. I love all the happy energy your art quiltlet shows!

  10. What a lovely quiltlet!!!
    Amazing what you can do wit scrap!
    It has turned out so wonderful

  11. Oh my what an involved piece is my reaction!

    It took more than 10 hours.... You are amazing!
    Fascinating process and limitations... Luv it!

    Happy Cactus Monday and a great week!

  12. What a fantastic challenge! This would be something I would love to do...make something from "nothing"! It is just a great design and use of materials! All of the techniques make it just magical and exquisite!!! Thanks so much for sharing with with us!!!
    Happy Cactus Monday!

  13. Unbelievable - how creative. I cannot even imagine having that much talent to create something like this with no scissors. I especially like the snake.

  14. Thanks to Yoon See, Diane C., Marianne, Flying Colors, Julie and Pouty Lips.

    I so appreciate all of your reactions to this art quilt.
    So glad you like my carrying out my own challenge, and the snake and end result!

    So nice to have new visitors to my blog too. Please do come again!!!!

  15. wow! I love all your fabric art, and a step by step description helps make it even more wonderful. I think the sequins are great as cactus spikes too. HBCM!

  16. Lynn, this is fantastic!! I love your quilted pieces. Debra Kay will love the snake :)

    Great job on the new header too ;)

  17. Messyfish, nice to hear what you like about my art.

    Studio Lolo, nice that you like my new header and my quilted pieces! I appreciate your feedback.

  18. Lynniskynni, I love this in it's bold colors and graphics are great,


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