Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life is a Blessing When Spent With Family: For A Happy Passover Seder

My cousin Melanie sets a beautiful table for Passover
The hidden matzoh hides under this lovely cover This is the special symbolic dish I brought of a mixture of chopped apples, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar and a 2 tablespoons of sweet wine
Debra made the matzoh balls and Mel the soup
both out of this world good
This is the Passover plate of symbolic foods
And the Haggadah is a book that tells the story of Passover
We did a very abbreviated version of the Seder tonight
hitting the highlights
and feeling the love of family
around this lovely table
And this is the MAIN REASON
I so wanted to be there...
To be with my dear aunt and uncle
They are the great grandparents to the three little kids that we enjoyed
being with too...
Brother and sister and her child My cousin sits with his three grandchildren!
Brother's in law chatting in the kitchen before dinner And the three generation of women in the kitchen
Grandmother, Mother, and daughter
My young cousin Debbie is a real doll!
Isn't she beautiful?
It's a tradition at Passover in our family that the children play under the table while
the adults conduct the Seder and eat over head. I did this with my cousins when we were little, our children did it and now their children are doing it too. DH plays patient to Tru's doctor!
It was a beautiful day
A lovely Seder dinner
and best of all
a loving wonderful family
get together!
Thank you Mel and Neil for having us!


  1. What a wonderful meeting of family and the eating over the heads of the children...fantastic!

  2. Lynn looks like you had a splendid time. All those smiling family faces. It's so nice when families have a get together like this.

  3. Lovely post, made me long for my family in Oregon. So wonderful for traditions to continue, the kids under the table...Life is a Blessing!

  4. Wonderful, Happy pic...PICTURE PERFECT, I should say.
    Happy Passover!

    Thanks for putting the award in ur blog!

    Hope we could get to know more of each other.

  5. What a blessing to be so close to your family. I miss those days. We are all spread so far apart now. wish you a very happy weekend!

  6. thanks for sharing the seder traditions and photos of your dear ones with us. it looks like a lovely event. so many smiles.

  7. what a lovely looking family you have. you all seem to be having such a nice time!

  8. Wow! What a wonderful gathering with fun and laughter Lynn:)

  9. what wonderful photos lynn, happiness just flowed round that table and you have so many family members, thanks so much, i do miss the seders at my brother's home, but he does the whole drawn out thing...hours and hours of it. love the matzoh balls and soup yummy. do you eat that stuff for a week? constipating or what!

  10. Jude, yes, its sweet that each generation of kids finds their way to under the they don't really understand what's being read about at the table yet.

    Judith, it was a joy to be with this branch of my family.

    Teri and cats, my son and daughter spent Passover in Oregon daughter and family visiting her brother and father and family who live there!

    Deep, thank YOU!

    Chris, we are spread across the land as well, this branch just happens to be close by. Nice for us that they are.

    Suki, I was impressed by the good vibes yesterday. Everyone seemed genuinely happy and happy to be with each other. We felt SO very welcomed.

    Messyfish, thanks we were and did.

    Yoon See, yes, there was lots of laughter.

    Soul, you would have liked this Seder the readings were over so quickly I thought my grandfather would be rolling over in his grave! ;-) It was hard as my uncles voice is weak, and the kids were noisey as little kids will be...and everyone seemed to want it go even faster...LOL The special foods we ate only for that meal and no it's not troublesome to the body at all.

    Happy Passover to you.

    Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate that.

    And Happy Spring to those who celebrate nothing at all but hopefully life itself.

  11. Looks like you had a great day. How fun to be with Family. How did the paper books go with the kid's?
    You look very good in these photos too. Oh and I love your new header. That watercolor you did makes a great header.

  12. Hey cool video you added. and to Music. how did you get music to it. Hope everyone comes back to see it.

  13. Cris, the little kids loved the books I made, and so did the parents. There was too much going on for anyone to sit quietly and let a child dictate a story but I felt certain they would do so when they got them home. I gave them story books from my book stash too and they seemed to enjoy those. One of the mom's read to both her daughters while we were sitting around before dinner.

    Glad you liked my new banner, and the movie.
    I took Marianne's hint and used Windows Movie Maker that is a program on my computer and it allows for music to be added, as well as other special effects, titles etc.

  14. Family and tradition - a heartwarming mix. I'm glad you enjoyed your day :)

  15. Patti, thanks for coming to my blog today. Thanks! Yes, Trad-i-tion, Tra-di-tion!

  16. wow!! THis is wonderful!! Am so happy for u.. days like this make the memories that we live our lives by..

  17. What a wonderful day you all had Lynn...and what a beautiful family :o)

  18. Such a beautiful family I feel the love oozing from this post. Such wonderful family traditions.

  19. What a wonderful family celebration!

  20. How do we know, thank you for coming to my blog today and leaving a nice comment. Do come again.

    Angela, good to see you again, Yes, it was a very very special day for me/us.

    Lisa, yes, the love was so good to be together. This is a branch of the family I do not see often enough.

    Difference, thanks, yes, a very very good time had by all.

  21. As my 17 yr old son said to me as we were preparing food for the Seder, Mum, how amazing is it that after all this time, that all over the world, in most Jewish households, the same thing is happening, the meal, what we eat, the Seder. He found it very comforting.

    You kneidelach soup, indeed everything looks the same as our table - i love it.

  22. Judy, what a blessing to have a son so young appreciate the greater meaning of our traditions.
    And to see the large scope of Jews all over the world sitting together...yes! Thanks so much for coming to mine. ;-) Hugs.


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