Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passover Books For Little Cousins

My cousins kids have little children who I will see to day at our Passover Dinner. I made them some brown paper bag books for the occasion.
This is the front of Truman's book. I believe he is three years old. And this is the front of little Morgan's book... This is the inside of a third book. We will ask the child to tell us what is happening in the cloth picture here and write down what they tell us, thus giving them their own story book they "write" themselves.
This is the inside of Tru's book.
And spread all the way open there is room to draw and color on the opposite side.
I sewed the bags together with variegated thread for more color.
Sewed lines to write on...
They are simple but I think will be fun! There is room on the back to write more story should they have another chapter to tell.


  1. Leave it to you to think of the kids too, and what a clever idea. They will love it.

  2. i hope you have a good passover meal. the books are so cute. are the pictures from a "dick and jane" era book?

  3. Cris, thanks.

    Suki, the pictures inside are Dick and Jane FABRIC!!! I cut them out from a large piece of fabric and sewed them onto the brown paper bag pieces.

  4. Lynn, I have something for you in my blog...Pls come & collect it(drumroll). Hope you like it:)

  5. I like these books. They look like you had a lot of fun making them. And where did you find the dick and Jane fabric. Seeing those pictures almost makes my tummy hurt - remembering the pressure of learning to read. (it was hard for me - summer school in second grade)

  6. Terry, the Dick and Jane fabric was a garage sale find! Lucky me.
    and I had a hard time learning to read and do math too. Life got easier as I got older, really OLDER. LOL

    Deep, I am on my way to see!

  7. What a marvelous idea..not sure I could find a brown paper bag in Crete though, they love plastic..........

  8. Great ideas, so cool. I love those designs:)

  9. What a charming tradition. I love the way you created them. Sewing the layers and lines. WOW...

  10. Jude I learned how to iron plastic bags to make paper could be turned into books as well I bet.

    Yoon See, glad you liked the designs...

    Lisa, it was fun. And one cousin, who is now a mom herself, remembered a photo album I made for her when she was little using old denium jeans. ;-) I guess I have been doing this for a while.


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