Saturday, April 11, 2009

ATCs To Trade

These are my first watercolor and ink ATCs ready to trade...they can also be seen on my side bar, but these can be enlarged to see...well larger! #1 #2
#3 #4 #4 has been chosen in trade by Soulbrush #5 #6 #7 #8
#9 #10
Top: #11 Bottom #12
Top #13 Bottom #14
#15 #16 #15 and #16 have been chosen in trade by Soul Brush
#17 #18 #18 chosen by Marianne


  1. oh wow wow wow...lynn, these are fabadabaddoooooo. please keep no. 4,15 and 16 for me (so hard to choose, but these three 'talk' to me. You have chosen one of mine (the ashante dolls) now please choose two more...if not, wait, i will do more later today....tee hee. this is fun!!!

  2. I'm loving these lynn :o)

  3. O gosh...I love them all!!! I am trying to paint some ATC cards today and tomorrow...maybe we can trade!!!

  4. I loved your atc's Lynn. It so nice to see you all doing so much variety art:)
    I liked #1,#15 & #17...the Best!It's just BEAUTIFUL!
    But sorry, I am not into atc's yet...
    Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such an encouraging comment.

  5. lynn these are marvelous. i would trade but have no ATC's right now. love the swirls of color. have a cheerful weekend.

  6. Thank you all for your reactions to my ATCs!

    Soul Brush I am putting aside #s 4, 15, & 16 for YOU and will come and pick 2 more of yours!!!! This is fun. funny you picked my favorites too! ;-)

    Still lots up for grabs!

  7. These are cool. I really love the lip and eye one. Wish I had one to trade you.

  8. All are beautiful!
    Soulbrush so clever, has very very chosen the cool ones:)

  9. ANother one that the ATC bug has bitten. Beautiful. I like the ones with the strong colors the best.

  10. Thanks Cris, Yoon See and Lisa. I appreciate all your comments.

  11. Wow!
    Thought I had commented nut I see not.......
    I have seen them though.....
    They are gorgeous!
    And I would love to trade!

  12. Marianne I would be honored to trade with you! Please tell me which you want. The few gone are marked as such. Thank you.


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