Friday, April 10, 2009


Oh this is funny. This is actually a video I took on my camera (still); but when I was trying to make the video upload I could not and I didn't know this had come on here until I got comments on it! LOL Can some one please tell me how to upload a video to my blog?
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  1. I remember going by those windmills when coming to check out Oregon with my Dad. I took some pix of them too. Cool Memory.

  2. lynn, do you know i saw hundreds maybe thousands of these in palm desert recently? they provide electricity for all of palm springs. but lynn, they looked like a futuristic cemetery to me. it was a bit spooky,

  3. I remember seeing them too! Yes, a bit unnerving in a way, so tall and white and ethereal, like crosses in a cemetery a little. But wonderful to know they are making power!

    I am sure there are many different ways to upload videos, but I usually do mine from youtube, as most of my cat videos are on there

    or you can start a post, click on the "add a video" from the column above the body of the post, next to where you add photos, and if your video is on your computer, just add it like you would a photo.

    I'm sure you'll get some directions and ways to do it, lots of helpful bloggers out there.

  4. Teri has explained how to do it. Do you have a Mac or Windows? If you have a Mac you can use iMovie (the editing program it comes with) to do minor editing, add a title or whatever and save as a Quicktime file, then upload that via either Youtube or Blogger video (as Teri described). If using Windows, you can use Windows Movie Maker to do minor editing, etc. In fact you can find upload tips on Youtube itself. E.g.

  5. I have a PC not a Mac. I have tried it all and changed things in my control panel/security, dumped cookies, etc. Still get an error messsage it won't load up. Well I haven't tried EVERYTHING yet, but got tired of trying. Maybe another day. Till then just imagine windmills going around and around and the goats walking...See like in a movie!!! Things moving and oh yeah imagine wind sounds and car sounds and background music on a CD...and DH making strange sounds.

  6. lynn that happened when I tried to upload my first video to youtube also. error messages. I was doing that down on Cape cod with their router. when i came back to NH and used my own setup it worked. i think if your internet connection is too slow, the videos have a problem uploading. they want to make a windfarm off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.


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