Friday, April 10, 2009

Changing Skies, Garden Delights & Lyntangles

Skywatch Friday brings you a water colored sky from my front yard view yesterday...sun was shining through many many clouds...
And then the skies darkened a bit...sun peeked through some clouds...
And brightened up again...
In the backyard the sky was darker...
and more threatening
But the fig tree is happy and the leaves are getting bigger and bigger and so are the figs...
I love this weed, I show it to you each year...they grow tall in the midst of other plants and it is so pretty...
This flower is a weed also, it grew in the garden of my mind.
Happy Friday...Be well...Remember to look up and smile...


  1. Beautiful pics of the clouds..and ur painting and ur weed is also cool.:)

  2. Beautiful skywatch post Lynn. I like your lyntangle too. Not a bit weedy looking to me.

  3. i like that--"the garden of my mind." your watercolor too is lovely, looks like a fabric pattern. i do lvoe weeds and that is a lovely one. have a lovely weekend

  4. Good morning Deepa, Lisa, and Suki. so nice to get up and find you here this morning. I so appreciate all your comments!

  5. Happy good friday & easter to you & your family Lynn:)

  6. Love the changing light in the cloud series of photos...and that flower is not very weed-like looking to me, lol, but some weeds are made to look pretty, I know :) Maybe someone out there knows what it is

  7. Some pretty sky photos there. So nice you painted one for us too. Very good. Why is such a pretty flower called a weed? Its a flower. Actually its a wildflower. We have a wild flower show up in our area every year at the end of April and I have always called it a weed show but they arent really all weeds. They are all pretty in themselves.
    Great Lyntangle too. As always. :)

  8. wonderful and inspiring, your watercolour painting and pictures!
    Love the clouds you draw, I see people dancing up there in the blue,
    have a good weekend

  9. greast post-mixture of skies and art and flowers. a real lynn collage. happy weekend.

  10. Remember to look up and smile...the best advice ever. If we all did that, think what the world would be like.

  11. Thanks for the kind coments, these are a beautiful set of cloud photos.


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