Thursday, April 9, 2009

More From Our Sunday Drive through Walnut Grove and Locke, CA

We had to take two ferry boats to cross the river back and forth along this meandering drive.
This is my view from the ferry leaving the dock... there was another car on the ferry with us (it holds about five or six cars max, and the guy in that car got out to take photos too, in fact we met up with him all day long me with my camera, he with his stopping to shoot this and that...photographers in kind...
This is an old abandoned school...
Art inside the ice cream parlor where we got our morning coffee
I love this painting. I've seen it here for years now...
This is inside a small warehouse
many stalls of antique items for sale.
I liked this old kitchen set up that had things I knew from both
my grandmothers and mother's kitchens in years past.
This Mandala is for Marianne
from the ironworks gallery outside...
I liked the iron works windows too
Now we are in the old Chinese section of Locke
There were quite a number of art galleries to meanander into
When I first entered this one it was empty
later in the morning we passed by again and the artist was giving a class
to some very talented children and adults
I took a lot of photos on Sunday so I may take you further
into our day there on another post.


  1. love this tour of locke. the last photo is so marvelous, well they all are. a wonderful weekend you had.

  2. What an interesting drive. I see a lot of inspiration here.

  3. Suki, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I have more, stay tuned.

    Lisa, YES...I have already drawn some of it.

  4. What a fun drive that was. I wish I had been with you. So many photo ops. and lots of inspiring things to take in. Looking forward to more photos of this trip. Wish we had something as fun close by. 40 minutes isnt that far. I need to go look thru again.

  5. Everywhere you went looked so neat! Love all the art! Looking forward to more pics!!!

  6. Your adventures/drives are all so picturesque! If I lived there I would explore often too.

  7. Wow! What a colourful journey of Art:)

  8. Greetings Friend,

    I LOVE all the pictures and information about Locke. It has been years since I was there, and I don't recall all the wonderful art. I will definitely add that to my list of places to visit, especially since I live fairly close.

    I haven't posted in awhile but I wanted to mention how fascinated I am with your watercolors. Lynn... you have so many talents! I love reading your blog. You take me on so many wonderful journeys, and open my eyes to so much joy and beauty. Thank you for freely sharing your life with others.

    Happy Friday!


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