Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meeting Artist Martha Esch in Locke, CA

My Animal Wednesday critter is a cat seen Sunday in a chair of ice cream parlor we stopped in for a latte and coffee in Walnut Grove, CA on our scenic trip along the Delta. I seem to find Henry V look a likes everywhere I go.
Last Sunday DH and I took a drive to the Delta area about forty minutes from home. We stopped first in Walnut Grove where we got coffee and a latte at an ice cream shop where DH stops every Friday on his drive home from work taking the longer, but scenic way to unwind after his stressful work week. It was here he picked up a flyer about an art gallery in nearby Locke where once a week musicians and artists meet to play and draw/paint. Literally the artists draw and/or paint the musicans as they play their music. (Blues, Folk, etc.) The gallery in nearby Locke, CA is owned and operated by artist Martha Esch. Martha has a blog: and lists classes she teaches at>Events/Specials>scroll to Artist Workshops We went into the funky fun little store that turned out to be Martha's home turned into store front and galleries. The living room is where Martha can be found painting. There are all sorts of fun things to purchase there (old umbrellas, antique toys, books, not to forget the walls of paintings by Martha and her two children who are artists extraordinaire in their own rights (ages 14, 17) I kid you not.
Downstairs are more rooms and a huge gallery. Martha was very generous with her time talking to us almost as much as I did with all my questions about her classes and art. She is a very interesting person, a pilot as well as artist. And many of her paintings were of old airplanes from WWI and more modern ones. She had much knowledge about the pilots and owners and history of these planes.
click on photos to enlarge and see details
DH talking with Martha
We will make it a point to get back there to sing (DH) and draw (me) come summer! Thank you Martha for spending so much time with us.
Be sure to check out Martha's blog:


  1. What an intersting stop on your drive.

  2. Yes, lots of Henry and Jasper wannabes. Their coat seems to be the fashion.

  3. Oh, it sounds fabulous!! What a perfect day!!!

    Love that yellow wicker chair.

  4. Oh I love that yellow wicker chair and cat photo. You got some great photos of the place. I will have to study them a bit more but looks like a fab place and I do hope you get to go there this summer. What fun. Nice to find cool things like this not to far from home.

  5. you always find such interesting people and place and ....cats. Martha sounds wonderful and i love her house turned gallery idea.

  6. thanks Lisa, Elspeth, Cris, Teri C, and Suki! Suki the house/gallery was great/a store to support her art...such a nice person too! Hey, good to see you back!

  7. yes what an interesting day you had, some people can be so nice, can't they? love the yellow chair too. and also thanks so much lunnie for all your wonderful comments about my soulcollage, i really appreciate them, as i know you can 'read' things and 'see' things that are not right on the surface! lotsa hugs to you...what about pesach seder? do you have one tonight? we don't anymore, but wishing you chag semeach if you do.

  8. What a lovely tour you did.
    The cat in the chair is lovely

  9. SB: Yes, love meeting nice people, and in the art world yet! You are so welcome. I am glad my words count.

    Marianne: It was such a beautiful day!

  10. What a great find. She looks like a wonderful spirit to spend time with. I bet the jam sessions are wonderful!


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