Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today is the birthday of my first born, my son. I gave birth to him 45 years ago in Israel. OhMyGod that hardly seems possible, that is that long ago. Another lifetime ago. But it is. Happy Birthday son. How can I have a son that old when I am barely older than that myself? Or younger? LOL We spent Saturday morning doing our usual garage sale/rummage sale/thrift store trek... dropped my art off at the gallery... and we enjoyed the medevil faire in our town square...
After a nice lunch at the local German Bakery, listening to live music and getting warm in the 90 degree heat we went home.
I put my feet up in the recliner, DH turned on the AC and I read and fell asleep. I was coming down from the excitement of yesterday of getting ready for the art show and this mornings taking my four pieces in to be judged! (That's where I am while you are reading the art gallery volunteering my services so I can see first hand how the judging works. I'll tell you all about it for tomorrow blog.)


  1. oh wow, 45..that does seem old for a son! mine will be 38 in june and i don't believe that either. happy happy birthday son...another hubby was 17th....61 years old, ha glad you had some rest.

  2. What a coincidence, it's my birthday today also..

  3. It looks like you had a nice day. I hope the judging goes in your favor. It will be intersting to see how it is judged.

    Happy Birthday Mom. I know how you feel having a son that is getting older. ha...

  4. Sounds like a full day you both had. I hope you get into the show.
    Your son is 45? Wow you dont look it. :) Where does the time go?

  5. Wow! What a great day spent with these creative people.
    They are so creative, all dressed up with high spirit, lovely!

  6. happy birthday to son and his mom. 90 degrees! Love it.

  7. cool... I love medievalists... were they doing any re-enactments? Bet there was a big keg of home brewed beer too!

    Take care Lynn... talk to you soon...

  8. SB, my son is probably lieing about his age! ;-)

    Jude, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU too!!!!

    Lisa, this news is coming to you soon.

    Cris, you are too sweet!

    Yoon, it was fun to see them, yes! The music was good too...

    Suki, thanks and YOU can HAVE the 90 degrees!!!!

    Jon, they had a catapult that was demonstarted, sword fighting, magicians doing stuff.

  9. Jon: "demonstarted???" I meant demonstrated! LOL

  10. happy birthday Lynns-son. and fingers crossed for the art show

  11. So exciting, can't wait to hear about the judging and I hope all your pieces got in!
    Happy B-Day to your "baby"

  12. Belated Birthday Wishes...

    It seems like a nice flowery gathering:)

  13. Your yard sale must be a Saturday activity for you both! That girl with the flowers in the hair could be in Hawai'i.


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