Monday, April 20, 2009

Drum Roll....

My Experience at the Art Gallery on Sunday I donned my white cotton gloves. I joined a group of perhaps seven women and two men who carried in one art piece in each category judged separately: oil painting, water color, digital photography, photography, mixed media collage, fiber art, jewelry, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, starting at nine this morning and ending at 3:30 p.m. \
Three judges judged each piece, three people recorded acceptance/rejections/awards/comments made by the judges.
It took two judges yeses to be accepted.
It was educational. I learned a lot about what these particular judges were looking at and for. What they liked and did not like. I saw one as the “strong, opinionated one”, one as “weak/quiet/almost non-comitial at times”, and the third, as “having a strong opinion but allowing the stronger one to over ride at times”.
I had the good fortune to sit at lunch with the strong, opinionated judge and get personal feedback about his pros and cons about my pieces. I heard things like “good composition”, “good use of color”, “don’t use that title it tells us too much, it’s not necessary”; “this piece is good for you and the other person involved but it didn’t reach ME”…This included examples of other work that did a better job of showing it’s emotion. I wish I could have heard more from the other two judges as well.
It was mind boggling. There was so much GOOD ART there that it boggled the mind to see what got accepted, what didn’t and how they were judged. I saw backs turned from work that was exceptional in my eyes, there was so much superb art and very, very little that I would have said no to. It seemed at times like a crap shoot, as to what got in and what did not.
I got to know some of the other artists, had time to chat with them about their art, their experiences, etc. and share mine with them.
The good news is that three out of four of my pieces have been accepted for the show. Hard Times, Desert Cactus and Snake, and Living Green.
I’ll tell you more after the reception on May 2, 2009…You are all cordially invited. It is going to be a terrific show!
Hey this is one of the 3 that was accepted: Happy Cactus Monday!

Who knew that a few scraps and 11 hours of play time could produce a winner?


  1. Well done, I'm so happy for you.
    Could you show us the other 2 that got accepted?

  2. Congratulations....what a great honor. Don't even try to get into the judges' heads, Lynn, just enjoy the moment!! The judges and I agree, your work is great.

  3. Congratulations, Lynn!!! How cool is that? Happy Cactus Monday, girl!!!

  4. Hey a Huge CONGRATS to you, Lynn! This is such a fab news! You rock Lady:)

  5. congrats on your acceptances Lynn. Sounds like an interesting and informative day. Take care, suki

  6. Congrats on being accepted into the show. It sounds like you had quite the learning experience. I knew your work would be accepted though. It is good. I really like this piece too. AN even Happier Cactus Monday.

  7. Congrats on getting into the show. 3 out of four is excellent. But I have to tell you that the next set of judges will be completely different in judging. It comes down to personal tastes I have found. What they like.. so that doesnt mean that the other stuff isnt worthy I have seen excellent work not accepted at shows that people turn around and sell for big bucks. In one case my Art teachers work was bought by Frank Sinatras wife for a hospital wing she was involved in in Palm Springs. Another was bought and donated to a safe house for abused kids and became their logo. All were rejected from some show. So all yours are winners no matter what.

  8. Congrats Lynn:)
    Good to hear that they have accepted the pieces.
    I wish you all the best and looking forward to hear more good news from you.
    I am thrilled that you will share with us soon:)
    HCM Lynn!

  9. Jude, all the quilts can be seen on my other blog here: You are looking for Living Green and Hard Times.

    Marty, it was hard sometimes to see why the judges rejected something...but I think over all they were very fair.
    And glad you like my work.

    Julie, HCM and thank you too.

    deepa, thank you as well.

    Suki, thanks, it was.

    Lisa, thank you! HCM

    Cris, I appreciate your examples here regarding judging. I'm very satisfied by my acceptances! ;-)

    Yoon, thanks for your support too.

  10. Wow Lynn, that's great news! I wish I could come and see them in person...but it's rather a long way for me :o( Good luck to you - so well deserved!

  11. The Desert Cactus and Snake quilt is delightful. Congrats for having three of your pieces accepted for the show! Happy Cactus Monday!

  12. Good for you Lynn, 3 out of 4 is good going.

  13. It does sound like an educational and fun day and
    CONGRATS on your acceptance!!!!!!!!
    Gee, I feel proud to know you :)

    HCM and love that entry.

  14. Angela, I wish you could come to the show as well! What fun that would be. Again, my congratulations to you for your quilt show wins of late too.

    Judith, thanks!

    Teri C. HCM and thank you too!!!!

  15. First Congratulations your work is lovely I'm so happy for you.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog it's always nice to meet someone new.

  16. i knew it, i knew it..i am sooo proud of you friend and to hear this on cactus monday is simply fabadabadoo...HCM fellow cactuteer!!

  17. Congreats...What a v cool design! HCM fellow cacuteer! :)

  18. Oh I love this cactus! I'm not surprised at all that it was chosen. Well done you! And thanks for the cordial invitation :)

  19. Congratulations Lynn 3 pieces got in! That is exceptional from what i can perceive by your post about these judges... Well that Cactus piece is just awesome :-)

    Juried exhibits are hard on the ego, but can be a great learning experience..
    You got to see the frosting on both cakes! Yeah!!!
    Have a HCM and a great week!

  20. Wow Lynn!!!!
    3 pieces you did great what an exciting day it must have been, and the feedback must have been fantastic! You can learn and grow....
    HBCM!!!! and congrats!

  21. Lynn, congratulations for the accepted pieces! This is just great! And I like the way this strong opinionated judge expressed his opinions, it's not hurting but just informative and teaching, very good! I'm glad you are in there and that lots of people will see your art!
    (ps: this cactus and the snake if one my favourite pieces of your art;)


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