Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday; Happy Soulbrush ATCs and Maya*Made Gathering Gift Bag

Happy Blooming Tuesday. I found these beautiful blooming tulips last Saturday during our weekly garage sale trek... I became enamoured of this front yard. I liked what they did instead of lawn. The roses are for all of you on this wonderful day.
And this bouquet is a welcome home from Hawaii to our dear Teri C. ,
who we all know as a Daisy lover personified.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday Everyone
Many of you are already familiar with the wonderful art of our friend, Soulbrush.
She and I made a trade of ATCs and these are the ones I chose from her collection. I am so pleased with them! Thank you Soul.
And then...Last week I received this adorable gathering bag from Maya of Maya Made Blog:
Her work is so perfectly made...this bag is made from a re-purposed burlap bag and believe it or not it is very soft to the touch. Maya gave this away and I was the lucky winner! I told her I'd give it to my grand kids and help them explore nature, record their finds in the little note book that comes with it. Her note card is also very attractive with the bird stamp on it as you can see.
Please go to her blog and/or Etsy store to see more of her lovely hand made items. You will be as pleased as I am to have found her blog. Thank you again, Maya! ;-)
As for me?
I am still with spinning head from my wonderful day at the art gallery
on Sunday~ My cup absolutely runnith over!


  1. these are all delicious. lovely flowers, great Soulbrush ATC's a sweet bag that you won.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful gift of flowers. I love the simple beauty of the bag sent by Maya. Truly beautiful.


  3. Blossoms everywhere! Beautiful ATC's and this little bag, a great idea!
    Have a good day,
    (I said it already but I love love your banner:)

  4. Lovely flowers here. I posted some pretty double tulips on my blog. I also got some ATC's from Soulbrush I posted. Arent they lovely?
    Nice bag you won too. The Twins will love gathering things with you.

  5. Thanks Suki, Kate, Andrea and Cris for coming by and commenting today.
    I do love our connections each to the other and our sharings. HBT

  6. Ah, you are so sweet Lynn, I LOVE those daisies! You really put a smile on my face this am.

    All your blooms are beautiful.

    Soul's ATC's are so fun too. I need to find out more about making them.

  7. Teri C. so glad you enjoyed your bouquet of dasies this morning!
    ATCs are simply your art put on a card the size of a business card:
    2 1/2" X 3 1/2"'s okay to make a full page of something and cut it up to cards that size as well. Be sure to let me know if/when you want to trade!

  8. Beauty abounds around you Lynn. Such a lovely group of things on your post. Happy Bloomin tuesday.

  9. they do look sooo good here on your i do that? happy BT dearest.

  10. Lisa thank you. HBT!!!

    Soul, yes, they are yours and they do look GOOD here and at my home too!!! Thanks again very very much.

  11. WOW...such gorgeous things to recieve from your friends! I will check out the blogger who made that GATHER great!!!

  12. Maya's bag with the acon is attractive. And -it's great to have your cup running over from a great day. Made me realise I haven't had a cup-running-over day in a while.

  13. Julie, thanks for coming by. I'm glad you will go to Maya's blog!

    Elspeth, I hope you have a day that runnith over very soon! It's your turn! ;-)

  14. So glad you're enjoying it, Lynn!

  15. You are so so lucky to have friends like soulbrush and maya!
    Lovely gifts:)


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