Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red Tailed Hawk on Earth Day

This is a 4 yr old red tailed hawk we saw at the medieval faire last Saturday.
Happy Animal Wednesday
Happy Earth Day!


  1. oh how beautiful he is ! I love to watch the hawks around here, mostly red-tails. I love their screech and flying patterns. We have to be careful in this area if walking a small dog - the hawks have been known to try to pick them up! (how awful!)

    have a happy animal wednesday@!

  2. HAW. It is beautiful but I always feel sorry for those that are kept as pets because they have probabaly been mistreated to be in the hands of a human. Or they are used as falconers entertainment.

  3. Beautiful but these things are ruining us feeding our birds. So I am not liking them right now.

  4. Mim, Lisa and Cris,

    My goodness, I had no idea this beautiful creature had such a bad rap sheet! Thanks for coming by to leave a comment and inform me.
    He IS beautiful however, on that we seem to agree!

  5. He is just beautiful. We have a pair that live in our 100 year old tree. They leave after their babies fly and then return, we saw her this weekend. I think she is waiting for him. We love to peek into their world. Arney has taken pictures of the babies in the nest, they are loud, waiting for food.
    Thank you for your comment, I was so happy to find this chair for Arney. He needs this place to relax and soon it will be really needed.
    I thought the chair was really pretty, glad to have foound it and gave it a new home. It was stored in a garage. They had no room for it in the house.
    Yhis is a small boooK!!!!!!your, Mary

  6. Aloha Lynn,
    Just gorgeous..what a handsome bird!
    happy earth day.
    peace, Kai

  7. What a beautiful bird and great photography! Are you going to paint him or quilt him?


  8. Dan n Kai, aloha and thanks!

    Marianne, thanks to you too.

    Teri C...I had not thought of doing either, as I am on a short break from creating new things since the big jury day. I am resting. ;-) But nice to have seeds planted.

    Glad you like the photography! Thanks.

  9. what a great photo! thanks for sharing it!

  10. Your hawk photo and drawing are both amazing! You are multi-talented.


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