Thursday, April 23, 2009

Napoleon comes to California

I took my noontime walk today and stopped in at my favorite thrift store, the one that allows you to take three books for free. I found an Annie Dillard novel (her second) called The Maytrees. When I got back to my office I was looking at the book and found this bookmark inside: The small print says: Jean-Auguste-dominique Ingres (1780-1867) Napoleon l" sur le trone imperial en costume de sacre, 1806 (detail) Photo Musee de l'Armee R.M.N. , Paris Hotel des Invalides, Musee de l'armee, Paris Reunion des musees nationaux
I imagined the Californian on a plane returning from a vacation in France reading this book and using the book mark they'd picked up at the museum there. Kind of exciting to me. Almost as if I'd been recently myself! Alas, it's been over 45 years since I was last in Paris, France.


  1. I read that book last year! I think the best part of the book is your bookmark! Really didn't care for the book itself although I did read the whole thing.

    You have so much fun at these places and your garage sales I think I might have to try it.

  2. Oprah says everyone has a story. You certainly found one in the bookmark in your free book. How Fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun surprise to find in the book.

  4. I just love bookmarks. I have a collection of them. Bookmarks are what I bring to all my friends when I am on vacation and they are available. Fun and everyone I know reads so this is good.

  5. I have one friend in Paris right now and one who's going in a few weeks and I'm SO JEALOUS! I haven't been for 17 years and would sure love a return trip.

  6. You found a adventure without going far from home. I love the unexspected.
    thank you for coming by, I am looking really pink! I will take alot of pictures.
    Hugs, Mary

  7. I love Op shops for this reason - there are often interesting little surprises like this to be found.

  8. How fun that you have a thrift store that gives you three books for free! I am jealous of this!!! I am a huge garage sale and thrift shopper just for this reason...all the fun surprises you find. Nice bookmark!!!

  9. Teri C. well I also like how this particular book is made. It has a special cover with a fold back fly/blurb; and pages with rough edges...very arty feel to it. Maybe it will be a good vacation read...

    And garage/yard/thrift/rummage sales are treasure troves waiting to be found/devoured!

    Cris, I also found personal photos but decided to leave them behind...

    Suki, yes, it was/is.

    Lisa, what a nice idea...I can also see chopping them up for collage work...

    Heather...maybe it's a message for us to pack our bags...

    Shopgirl, glad you enjoyed the trip...

    Patti I agree!

    Julie, thank you and yes, I am terribly spoiled. I need to read them and take them back...I like the recycled feel to it all.

  10. I love finding secrets like that. In cleaning out the attic recently and going through books of Mikes, I came across a ticket stub to the first concert we went to, Calobo at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.


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