Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Sky Watch and Red Tailed Hawk Drawing

Thursday evening gave us a bright sun peeking between large white layers of clouds at 6 PM. This photo looks like black and white but it's not, it's in color! Since my last weekend preparing for and enjoying the day of the judging at the art gallery wore me out and drained me of all creative juices. Teri C. asked if I was going to draw or quilt my hawk photo I posted. So I used her question as my inspiration and this is what developed: I thought of painting blue sky around him and I still might.
In the meantime
Happy Skywatch Friday
Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.
Grandma Report:
A. my 4 1/2 yr old grandson has taught himself to ride his two wheel bike
with out the training wheels all by himself. He surprised his parents after practicing for two days straight!
Both kids started swim lessons last Saturday and have many weeks of them ahead.
But grand daughter Y. age 4 1/2 announced that she did not want to go next Saturday
and put her face in the water.
She's the same one who said she had not smoked a single cigarette in her entire life!
Stay tuned~


  1. Lovely drawing Lynn - and those photos are wonderful. I did think that they were black and white - amazing!

  2. Great sky pictures those clouds seem ominous being all dark. The hawk is great too. Happy Friday...
    Your Grands are amazing. It is fun to hear about them. I am sure they keep Grandma busy.

  3. The clouds really look deep & looks like a stormy one to me.

    Your drawing is good & neat...I agree with colors around'll give much more life to it. I remember the beautiful pic.

    The kids seem to be having a bashing time. And the cigarette...its hilarious:)


  4. Great sky photo.. really pretty.
    and WOW Lynn, that Hawk drawing is fantastic. You have grown by leaps and bounds in your drawing. You go girl. Love to come here to see what you tackle next. Dont worry about the creating it will come back. Everyone needs to think of something else once in a while to refule to keep up the creating.

  5. Mim thanks.

    Jude, you too. Thanks.

    Lisa, the sky is blue this morning. Thanks for your words.

    Deppa thanks and I will consider painting the picture soon.

    Cris, you are too kind, thank you!

  6. My goodness Lynn, you will do ANYTHING to get an A+ lol, but seriously, your hawk is fantastic! I am glad I threw the challenge at you.

    I think a blue sky would make him even more beautiful and stand out. Give it a try and see what develops.

    Those sky photos are almost forbidding-looking.

  7. first photot is magnificent, so is the drawing, and in fact so are the twins. gotta love them.

  8. Lots of neat stuff here today!

    I love the skies. There's nothing like a bit of cloud drama.

    Really nice hawk drawing! How about if you add just a touch of lavender to his feathers in the shadow parts (for color harmony) and make the background a bluish/lavender. Brown is in the purple family. (Hey, you probably already know this!)
    My heron says hello to your hawk :)

  9. I have so much fun every time I visit your colourful, energetic, zowie, wowie blog!

  10. Kelly, I am so happy I give you such a good time when you visit me here!!!! You made my day!

    Lolo, I did not know that, I am an art paint novice so will try what you suggested. Thank you so much.

    soulbrush, three out of three is tops! Oh goodie.

    Teri C. you are a most generous teacher and friend, thanks for my A+. Love it.

  11. Cool skywatch, I love this two tones images and it's just zen fell and I really feel relief!

  12. Love your drawning of the Hawk. your drawing came on the same day that we found our spring hawks working on their nest. They will have their babies, feed them and teach them to fly and off they go till next year. They will stay all summer. They seem to show off for us since we take time to watch them keep house in one of our hundred year old Tree's.


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