Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nadia's ATCs, Blue Skies, Found Art and a Good Book!

A while back Nadia in Nederland asked if I wanted to trade ATCs with her! She sent me these that arrived in yesterdays mail! The one on the left is called Golden Ocean and the one on the right is called Chinese Characters. They are both made of fabrics, top machine sewn...Lovely. You can see more of her art on her blog: Thank you Nadia! When I got home this afternoon the skies looked like this in our neighborhood. We had a quick short lived rain a few hours after I captured this beautiful sky with camera.
This is a little collage I made at that watercolor class a few weeks back...just torn papers I had painted first.
And I found these pears in my sketch book.
Now I must get on to something new to share!
I cleaned up my design table today.
But then got busy reading a good book. So maybe this weekend?
The book is called The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It has my attention now, and as I haven't read a book in daytime for quite a while, I might just let myself stay lost in this one until it's finished.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. LOVE the pears - they look juicy!

    That's a good book Lynn, but very disturbing. I did like the ending tho'
    have a fun day

  2. great atcs. great watercolour collage,great skies and also a great book, in fact have a great weekend.

  3. Thoroughly enjoying my weekend. I love all this artwork. Those atc's have so much detail. I am always amazed by them.

    Enjoy your book.

  4. Lynn...the atcs( you seem to be twice Lucky...[chuckle!]) are lovely and colorful like your collage & the sketch. The clouds are gorgeous too. Have a gripping reading time!
    Have a colorful day!

  5. love that sky! and your pears have so much character and movement....very nice!

  6. Oh do stay lost. I never got very far with that book, but i do love getting lost in one.

  7. Mim, yes the book is disturbing I wasn't sure I could get past the first part, but it has me now...I even woke up and read before getting out of bed this morning. I rarely do that if ever!

    Oh, glad the pears look juicy to you, I feared they were a bit flat.

    Soul, you give GREAT kudos! Thank you.

    Lisa, I agree, Nadia's ATCs are so rich in color and texture!

    Deepa, thanks and you enjoy your weekend too!

    Messyfish, nice again to hear the pears are seen as good, moving,...

    Suki, I can't put this book has me! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Nothing better than a book you can't put down!

    Love those ATC's and fabric no less.

    Have a wonderful weekend Lynn.

  9. Everything is wonderful here. I thought for a minute you actually found a sketchbook at the thrift store with the pears drawn in it.
    Lovely ATC's you got too.

  10. I love all the art pieces here.
    So creative:)
    Nadia ATC is beautiful and she is so thoughtful too with the fortune mandarin word sending all the best of the luck to you Lynn:)

  11. I love the pears too, the water color scraps of paper is really good...hope you had a wonderful weekend. Big Hugs, Mary

  12. Love your torn paper collage, Lynn!!!


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