Monday, April 27, 2009

Colorful Joyous Sunday

My creative juices began flowing again this weekend. On Saturday I sewed ripped strips of cotton cloth and sewed them together (as seen in last of these colorful pictures) then I sewed strips of green, turquoise, red, and orange tissue paper on top of the fabric. On Sunday I took a piece I had knit using hand dyed cotton ribbons from Vivian and started sewing them slantwise across the fabric and tissue strips. I did that on both sides leaving an open V shape in the middle. Then I took more of Vivian's ribbon started sewing spirals all over the piece. I used my free motion sewing foot on my machine for all of this sewing. I broke at least five needles. When I tried to sew more variegated thread around the finished spirals and broke yet another needle I decided to move to hand sewing. I am now in the process of sandwiching the piece (you can see the white batting yet on the whole piece. It of course will be cut out/around when done) and hand sewing/quilting around the spirals and other lines made by ribbons and cloth. It may call out for some bead work too. We shall see. It felt strange the week after the gallery entries to be "out of creativity juice"; and then I was over joyed to find it had returned! Therefore, the present title: Colorful Joy! This art quilt/wall hanging is 25" across and about 23" tall. Doesn't it look like a painting or color crayons gone wild? click on photos to enlarge to see details and MORE COLOR! ;-) It is highly textured, as the ribbons are heavily frayed and sit on top of other materials making hills and valleys to run fingers along and through. This photo shows Saturday's early work of the under foundation that you really don't see much of now that it is worked on top!


  1. what a mad crazy 'soulbrush' kind of quilt, looks like something i would draw! thanks for the uplifting award (i got it from lolo too)....
    lynn, i really do appreciate your caring, gentle, loving and encouraging words on my is a very tough but rewarding experience which is good for me. thanks friend and 'soul'mate.

    Its such a pretty sight.. You have done fab work.

    Happy Cactus Monday!

    PS: Remember you had asked me how to make glass art..I've shown the 'how to', pls chk it out.

  3. omg! I just cant believe how totally amazing you are with fabric! I have just worked out how to thread my machine, and have done some straight stitch. You are an inspiration, and those coloured circles in fabric are unbelievably totally awesomly amazingly fantabulosos!

  4. Lynn i do have to chuckle at your thinking your creative juices have gone because to me they seem ever flowing. this quilt is well named as i feel such energy and joy looking at it. exhuberant!

  5. Wow now that IS colorful joy. Looks like crayon colored Roses. :) Of course I see flowers in everything. lol
    Glad you got your groove back.:)Its 'Groovy' for sure. :)

  6. Nice work!!Its looks lovely,bright and cheerful!

  7. Wow, Amazing! I love it, so bright and colorful and happy. Looks like a flag that could fly in the wind and has enough joy in in for all of california!

  8. That looks like so much fun to touch and play with. Are you sewing with Microtex needles? They have a larger eye and a sharp point.

  9. Creative Lynn,

    I Love ~ Love ~ Love this beautiful quilt. The colors are spectacular. I am amazed at the magic you work with torn pieces of fabric. WOW!


  10. Wow! Love the colourful vibrant swirling movements.
    Visually pleasant and so so sensational mind engaging:)
    Love the great impact that makes me ponder and think further.
    I love the small cactus monday postcard form photos. Yeah, fun fun fun and cool cool cool!

  11. Amazing. These colors really sing. And the texture I can see from the detail shots is incredible!!


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