Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday, Friendship Doodle for Patty

These first five photos of flowers and barn are photos I have taken over the past year or two. I am adding them to my Photo Card collection for sale. I must say that today after putting a batch of ten cards together that I sent off to a Blogger Friend in Canada, I felt good about how the glossy photos looked in their clear plastic envelopes on sturdy green and/or white card stock! I felt proud to be an artist who is selling her art! #25 Mimi's Flower #26 Mimi's Bud #27 Yellow Daisy and Bumble Bee #28 White Iris #29 Red Barn Roof For information on ordering Photo Cards see my side bar to the right of this post. *************************************************************************** This doodle is for my childhood friend Patty. On Sunday we had a long talk on the phone and I found myself in the evening remembering so many things from our childhood together. Once I started to write a few down the rest just flowed like water. We've experienced a lot of life these past 67+ years. Love you Patty! If you were born in the 1940's some of these words might hit home for you too. And if not, well note them as history! ;-)


  1. Lovely photos you have added to your cards for sale. and the friendship doodle is great. I am afraid I do recognize most of the words. LOL

  2. Lynn,

    So many memories and many hours of fun and laughter. You are my best friend forever.

    Thank you for sharing all of your creative talents. What will be next??


  3. colorful photos and great additions to the lynn collection. i will do a post soon on the ones i bought. i took the photo today. nice memories of your years with Patty

  4. gorgeous blooms, and what a fun zentangle/doodle, and yes i do remember too...sigh...

  5. Cris, you do too recognize the words! You are too funny.

    Patty, we are best friends forever.
    Hugs to you and I thank G-d each day for having you in my life.

    Suki, glad you like the new photos and that would be sweet to see the ones you bought on your site. Thanks! Yes, many nice memories with Patty.

    Soul, glad you could relate!

  6. Beautiful pics,Lynn. The doodle is super.

  7. You should feel good, Lynn! These are truly stunning!

    I know what it is like to have such a fabulous, close, long time friend...they are rare.

    Congratulations indeed!

  8. Aloha Lynn..
    Truely groovie and the flora is stunning!!
    peace, Kai

  9. I love the cards, I do remember a couple of the names...Okay! "So I am Old"
    Thank you for coming to visit me. Answer to the question...there were over 200 at the Dinner/Tea party. I did everything in pink, it was fun. And each lady got my little favor's. I think everyone had a good time.
    Big Hugs, Mary
    I am glad you liked it.

  10. Lynn, Reread what I said. I said I am afraid I DO recognize a lot of the words. :))

  11. Oops, Cris, my humble apology. I did miss read what you said.

  12. Lucky girl of your childhood friend Patty.
    Got this cool & very creative piece from you Lynn.
    I am a bit jealous here....

  13. Beautiful pictures cheerful and bright!!

  14. I love the red house wall.
    A simple and creative shot.
    So much to tell!

  15. Oh such beautiful blooms but you know how much I love the bee daisy!!!



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