Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures Speak for Themselves

Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. WOW - I would have loved to see that. And it looks like such lovely wool. What kind of a sheep is that?

    Anyway...HAW to you and your wooly friends.

  2. Isn't that something? I love to see the weavers spinning the wool yarn! Neat series of photos!!! That little white sheep is adorable!

  3. terrific post, and for 'wordless wednesday' too....and a big thanks to you on my blog today...from mags.

  4. Oh what an adorable Ram. I would be leary of turning my back and rear to those horns tho. LOL
    Where were these taken?

  5. I like the title of this posting - heh heh.

    AND I love the new banner you have on top of your page Lynn.

    Thanks for the blog award:) you have many times also lifted my spirits -- so that is the wonderful thing about this world of exchange!!

    I am mailing you something today! Take care, Roxanne

  6. Lynn loved seeing the angora goats and sheep being sheared. I need to get my critters sheared soon too.


  7. These photos make me think of when I groom our Sheltie,,,,she's almost this wooly underneath!
    I loved your beautiful photo cards at Suki's,,,,and wanted to say 'Hi",,,and that they made me smile!
    Great blog!

  8. Hi Lynn, I always love sheep be it white, brown or grey colours. I can relate why you had chosen the title " Pictures Speaks for Themselves"
    It's trulu beautiful, their fur....their expression.
    I have illustrated some cute sheeps but thought that yours are even more cute and animated...Ha..Ha..

    here is the link.

  9. Wow, that was so interesting. You told the whole story with great photos.

    And yes, you can sketch in the car, paint it and then take a photo of it! You may have a few shaky lines but that just adds to the charm. lol When will I see some 'car art' from you? lol

  10. Mim, I did not ask about the type of sheep, sorry.

    Julie, it was fun to see. The sheep seemed mostly unbothered by the process.

    Lisa, thanks.

    Soul, thanks and so happy Mag loves her taggy quiltlet.

    Cris, I took the photos at the Medevil faire a few weekends ago.

    Roxanne, glad you like the banner...

    Kate, you keep sheep too? How interesting. Do you use the wool to make things?

    Babs, sweet of you to come by, do come again. Glad you like my cards. Yes, it was nice of Suki to post hers from me on her blog.

    Yoon See, I will come to see your sheep!

    Teri, I will be "painting and drawing" in the car come June.
    Does the water spill and make a mess?

  11. What a funny cute guy that (sheep) is.

  12. Speaking of Animal Wednesday (although it's now Thursday) ...

    That was Jasper. I just put him on the keys so he could type to Henry.


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