Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday's Walk on Thursday and I am such a Winner!

As I told a blogger friend today about her photo card order any of my photos on my blog can be turned into PHOTO CARDS. So if you see something you like and would like me to create a card using it just let me know. Each card is $4 on sturdy card stock and includes an envelope. Ordering guidelines are on my side bar. #30 Hinged Gate #31 Greens on Bricks #32 Battered Mail Box #33 Watering Can, Milk Can and Bucket #34 Webbed Fence Another blog friend-artist, Tequitia of Tequitia Creations, has had a give away of a print of her Mixed Media art. And I was lucky enough to win it! Thank you Tequitia! I will hang it up in my gallery of BlogFriendArtists Art in my home. Enjoy your day, the weekend is almost here! Do you have plans for yours?


  1. I think you should start an etsy store, your photo's are wonderful.
    what type of camera are you using?

  2. If it stops raining I will bird my brains out this weekend. Spring migration is upon us. Such a fun time.

    I like all of these photos. The weathered wood appeals to me most.

  3. Some more great photos to make cards out of. And...You keep winning cool things. Congrats.

  4. These images are so beautiful Lynn! You could do a lot of art from them.

    You are on a roll with your sales program!!

  5. Mim, for now I will sell from here. I did open a Zazzle store which you can see under my banner.
    but the nicer cards I sell direct.

    The camera I use most right now is a Fuji FinePix S700. I also have a Canon EOS Rebel XTi. It has a problem and does not always open so I am using it less.

    Lisa, I liked that wood too! Have fun with your birds.

    Cris, yes I liked that art from Tequitia.

    Teri, thanks, and I did and will add more to my Zazzle shop so others can share my art too, as you do in yours.

  6. Wondeful pictures and what a lovely work of art you got from your friend!

  7. i like your new photos. what fun to win. you win often it seems.

  8. Yeah, I agree with the rest, these are stunning ones and you deserved the to win Lynn!


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