Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"Lyntangle Backed Cactus" Traded To MIM The first four cards are on firm ATC card stock Bristol paper with a smooth surface. They are done using a black Staedtler liquid point 7 pen and my micro colored pens. I made them while waiting to be released from Jury Duty. And I was, 3 hours into the process! Your won't forget that this one came from me: "Lynn" Still Available This one is called: "Friends" Goes to Cris who picked it because we are friends! A "Lynntangle" in red, blue, green and orange. Traded to Teri C. The fabric ATCs take the longest to make. This one is called: "An ATC is a Gift" and is cotton and re purposed dryer sheet dyed green, thread painted, fabric painted, embellished with ribbon, and a sequin. Traded To Teri C. Traded to TERI C. If you want to trade leave me your mailing address at: and write ATC Trade in Subject of letter. Thanks. That helps me find you easier. Had I served on the jury it would have been a first experience as a Grand Jurer. I was glad to be released as I am self employed and it is not easy giving up a day or twos earnings to do my civic duty. Maybe if I ever get to retire I'll go more willingly. But it was fun making ATCs while I waited. On my way out I noticed a large photo of a judge on the wall who I had gone to elementary, Junior High and High School with. I could still see the little boy face in the man he is today. And it brought back memories of childhood parties at our home. Sweet. I'm not going to our 50th class reunion this year. I wonder if he is?


  1. I hope I am first to comment = I put dibs on the first one even tho I am not a cactus-eer! if not that - than any! I am posting some tomorrow, see what you think

  2. Hi Lynn! I love zentangles. Sabrina and I did a few a while back and posted about it. They are so fun. Love the twist, "Lynntangle!"

    Nice work.

  3. These are all great Lynn. A good use of time. Did anyone notice the Art you were doing? I like them all but really like the ATC as a gift. Very imaginative.

  4. Mim, you are the first to comment and the first to request a trade. The Cactus is yours!!!! I will come to seek my trade! Thanks!

    Clevelandgirlie, glad you like my lyntangles!

    Cris, not sure anyone noticed. People were reading, listening to Ipods, talking all around me.

  5. Oh boy, if the sewn one is not spoken for, I would LOVE to have it or anyone of them-they are all wonderful!!!

  6. of course i am wanting some sewed ones too...pleeese....

  7. Teri C. gets the ATC is a Gift fabric ATC;
    Soul I will get cracking on creating some more fabric ATCs this weekend I promise (God willing)...
    And when you see them you shout out!

  8. I would love to trade too...your fabric pieces are amazing! I have several new cards open now too...come visit and see what you like! :)

  9. I'll take the Friends one if no one has asked for it. Being we are Friends. :))

  10. Hi Lynn, lovely cards!
    Teri is lucky with that cutie with the ribbon!
    But so was I when I came home yesterday! Two envelopes were waiting for me!
    One with your gorgeous leaf ATC and 3 ATC´s from Margaret!
    I will post them later today!

    Have a nice day!


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