Thursday, May 14, 2009

ATCs Original "Paint" Drawings

These ATCs are glossy copies of drawings I made on the "Paint" software program: digital art!? Because they are copy and pasted you can have as many of each as you want! They are limitless, will never run out! They are: from top row, left to right: 1. Blue Man; 2. Beige Woman; bottom row: 3. Flower in pot; 4. Inspire 2009 (photos) Click on photos to enlarge to see details. Top Row left to right: 5. Woman with Red Glasses; 6. Cat with Tail Up Second row left to right: 7. Sitting Cat; 8. Blind Line Drawing Head Third row left to right: 9. Blind Line Drawing Bald Head; 10. Blue Head Zen Background. Forth row, left to right: 11. Woman with red glasses on blue background; 12. Line Drawing Man on Green. Top row, left to right: 13. Bread and Wine; 14. Music Guitar Second row, left to right: 15. Bearded Man in blue; 16 Family White on Black. Third Row, left to right: 17. colorful scribbles 1; 18. Colorful Scribbles 2 with dots. Forth row; Left to right: 19. Patchwork Lyntangle; 20. Happy Cactus Monday Blue and Red. Let me know if you'd like to trade on of these digitally drawn ATCs...My Mouse gets half the credit! ;~) Have a wonderful day!


  1. Whoa! You have really got something going here!!! All are wonderful for sure. You just make me want more and more!!

  2. How clever of you. You and your..mouse..are good. :))
    I really like beige woman, woman in red glasses and flower in pot. but I havent really looked at them all well yet.. Cute idea.


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