Friday, May 15, 2009

Cantagious: Illustration Friday

My first Illustration Friday...the word is Contagious! First one to "get it" gets an ATC from me/no need to trade back! ;~)


  1. I got it I got it!! ATCs are contagious and flying all over the world!!

    I am so happy to see you doing IF-that is another addiction! LOL

    Calm down-ABCs in any format!!

  2. Teri C. You are so bright! You can see through my scribbles to the message get the "extra ATC!!!"

    I'm all calmed now now. deep breaths.

  3. Well phooey. I knew that ..ATCs flying around the world and being contageous, but I was to late seeing your post!! :(( .. LOL
    Very Good Lynn. :)) I've been outside enjoying the lovely warm weather we have for a change. To nice to be inside.

  4. I kept thinking "flu flying around the world". Hey, I've been working too much

  5. I was thinking like Mim...FLU! LOL! Glad it is only ATC's flying around...harmless and fun!!!

    Great illustration, Lynn!!!

  6. Like it!
    Think Teri found the answer.......

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. ha ha great post, does this mean you are 'in' with 'IF'? tee hee, talk about contagious, you have certainly caught all our bugs!! love the illo.

  8. Really beautiful and meaningful!
    You really got the spirit to spread your cool ATC around Lynn:)
    Congrats to Teri:)


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