Saturday, May 16, 2009

ATCS Traded and To Be Traded Still

Teri C. has started us on a new challenge: ATCs in ABCs. The group (and you can still join if you wish/go to Teri's blog and sign up) will swap ATCs once a week with sequencial letters of the alphabet with our drawings/paintings/art renditions of something to denote that particular letter. At the end we will each have a collection of all the artist works and a full alphabet of ATCs to show for it! Here is my "A": #1A Went to Mim Still some left...sift through and find YOURS Next are a series of ATCs I have made on paper, cloth, using watercolors, ink, stamping, fabric paint and other embellishments. See something you like and want SAY SO and email me your address, it's yours! This watercolor and ink drawing has a sequin in the center. The glue will dry and not be noticable. I was in a bit of hurry to get them up today! #1 STILL AVAILABLE Last night I made my first ever stamp! I used an X-acto knife to cut away parts of an eraser and wha la! A stamp of leaves. I used a ColorBox pigment Stamp Pad Acid Free ink. The first two are on paper. #2 "Two Leaves" Goes to Soul Brush #3 "Squares of Leaves" Green, Turquoise, Purple goes to Margaret Ann. This Lyntangle ATC is for the cat lovers among you...Micro pens, black and colored: #4 "Cats and Yarn" Goes To Cris The next two are watercolors and ink drawings. My new little watercolor set is by Winsor and Newton paints. The compact of paints is 5" X 2 1/2" in size and folds up to travel. I plan to paint on the go like Teri C. on our summer vacation next month. I learn so much from my blog friends! Not to mention the amount of inspiration I receive as well. "Pink daisy on blue background" Goes to Cris#5 "Red-orange flower with yellow background" went to Clevelandgirlie #6 Then come the fabric ATCS some of you have been waiting for. This first one is all dressed up in fancy shiny silky textured fabrics & gold sequins. Unfortunately it's a bit camera shy, but take my word for it she sparkles! We'll call her "Fancy Lady in Black and Gold". GOES TO CRIS.#7 The next four I am very proud of, as they are my first ever attempt at painting fabric using fabric paints and my new stamp and stamp pads. They are top sewn free motion style, using rayon, cotton and metallic threads. It's the same stamp I used on the paper ATCs above. #8 STILL AVAILABLE #9 STILL AVAILABLE #10 WENT TO TERI C. #11 Goes to Soul Brush There are three more of these (above) if we run out of the ones posted, which I finished late last night. The next two ATCs use batik fabric, top free motion sewing, variegated threads. #12 "Chinese Coin" and ribbon added embellishments Goes to Margaret Ann who asked first...but I have more coins so i MADE THEM for Soul, Marianne and one for Lolo too. ;-) #13 WENT to Soul Brush and I will make another like it for Julie "Second Batik in Orange" Remember if you want to trade leave me your address and tell me the # and/or name of the one(s) you want. If you have nothing to trade you can still ask for one. I like making them!!!!


  1. OMG!!! Your stamped pieces rock! A spectacular assortment Lynn!
    I am in LOVE big time with #12 Chinese Coin...if no one else claims her...fingers crossed...breath held...heart pounding! :)

  2. OOOOH Lynn....I really also love #3"squares of leaves" too...may I put my name in for this painted one also??? Is that legal??? LOL :) Pretty Please...with sugar on top...:)

  3. Wow Lynn!
    There are great!!!!
    You are very productive.
    Love the one with the coin, that´s the one I painted in the middle of my own birthmandala!
    There are some real pearls here again!!!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. omg i am in atc heaven...for me number 12 and 13, 2 and 11....? and remind me what i am sending to you....this weekend will catch up, show all the ones i have received and my new ones for swapping...eeeek life is hectic with my niece here, all i wanna do is art!! love your work as always.

  5. OHMYGOSH!!! I want them all!!!!!! I just LOVE your fabric ATCs! Lovelovelove them.

    This is the hardest part about trading-I always want more.


  6. Lynn, you have been busy. wow.
    Love your ABC A card.. cute.
    Love your quilted and painted cards. Really love the Pink Daisy. and the Jean ATC. But we have traded and I have nothing to trade right now.

  7. Oh, Lynn...these are my favorites of yours so far!!! Gorgeousa!!!!!

  8. Can I trade you for # 13??? It has my name all over it!!!
    xoxo...pretty please???????

  9. Don't panic. Most of these can be duplicated. So if you see you've asked for something someone else has already chosen its quite possible I can make it again if I still have some of the same fabric and embellishments...

    And remember if you have nothing to trade you can still ask for one.

    If you WANT one be sure to say that, because if you do but you just say "they are nice" I have no idea you mean you WANT one. And then say WHICH ONE(S) you want.

    Thanks for all your amazing reactions this morning so far.

  10. And if you are asking for ATC(s) and I do not yet have your address email it to me at and put ATC in the Subject of your email. Thanks.

  11. Wow, what a fantastic bunch!!!!
    Great aliigator ;)

    I adore your stitched atc's. I love the crazy thread patterns and different colors. I'm also in love with the batik ones and the one with the chinese coin.
    I have nothing to trade right now.
    When I do I'll check back! These are really great Lynn.

  12. Lynn, 5 & 7. black lady.. seven? pink daisy. I like the cat one but will leave it for someone else but...:)) and I will make you something in trade when I get a minute.

  13. Amazing, Amazing Atcs...Lynn! What great Colors!!

    Love all your works. You friends are Incredible!!!

  14. The Alligator for me! I'm heading over to Teri's blog to sign up for the alphabet

  15. These are incredible, Lynn! Could I trade An ATC with you? Let me know--these are awesome!!!

    P.S. the word verification word for this comment is "inglywa." I think that may be my new favorite word. I'll have to decide what it means...

  16. Karen, I would LOVE to trade with you. You may choose one of these or tell me what you like and I can make it for you ( something similiar)...Thank you so much for asking...I feel honored!

    Quite the word, let me know what it means to you.

  17. I spotted the one with Chinese coin, so unique Lynn!

  18. Lynn I have seen your first stamp and I love it! You must have a new hobby added to the ones you already had LOL! This is the start of a whole new path. And you will discover a lot of other new paths and use them in your art. I love to see your ATC's. So full of colour. You are creating a Lynn-style. That is so good. Do what you enjoy most, look with your own eyes and make what you like. And with all the love and effort you put in to it, others will enjoy it too.
    Go Lynn, go!


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