Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disintegration Packet Revealed At Last...Sunday's Garden Visitors...Remembering Mom 1912-1994

I was going to wait for more weather, but after seeing everyone elses' opened disintegration packets I wanted to see mine. See the ant on the upper left hand corner? Do ants eat much? Let's see: The only sign of disintegration here is a faded and rather worn bit of green tissue paper on the outer layer. We did get a rainy weekend. Perhaps that helped. After cutting it down and taking it apart I put it in this envelope for safe keeping until step three is completed by August 1. I was excited to find one piece of brown paper dyed by the green tissue paper...but another piece of the same paper is good as must have been buried deeper in the middle. I guess the green tissue paper is my "best" bit of disintegration! Happy to have it at least. What will all this become? Stay tuned. To see more revealed disintegration bundles go to Seths' The Altered Page blog (see my side bar) On Sunday I got a sunny reprieve from the rain we'd just had, and while sitting on the back patio snapped this pretty visitor... And got to admire some of my yard that had no difficulty surviving our rather mild winter... And wishing you all a happy Bloomin' Tuesday! This last is one of my photo cards...a spiraling rose...and I post it here today in honor of my mother, who loved roses. She had quite the rose garden at our house growing up...Patty and I played around it, as did my children when they were young. Mom's life was full and busy...I recently found some old art pads of hers and realized or remembered that she had taken some art classes in her latter years dabbling in drawing with pencil and charcoal. A rose for you are not forgotten.


  1. What a sweet remembrance of your mom. lovely memories of you and Patty playing,

  2. Very Sweet n touching post. Moms are always Dear:)

    Disintegration pack..sounds interesting!! will wait to see what comes out of it.

    Happy Blooming Tuesday! Pretty blooms.

  3. your disintegration packet is most intriguing...

  4. What a pretty bird, What is it?
    Love the rose, a nice rememberance to your mother.

  5. Interesting how little your packet didnt disintegrate. What will all this mean? Nice to see you have those Scrub jays too. We love seeing thgem. Did your Mom pass away in May too? She sounds like she was someone special. Happy Blooming Tuesday. I posted some flowers too.

  6. Mim, yes, we'd ride our tricyles around the four squares of roses. There was a birdbath in the middle with a big frog on top!

    Deep, HBT to you too!

    Messyfish, you think? See some of the others already finished pieces of art!

    Judith, I call it a blue jay!

    Cris, the next step will be revealed Aug. 1. You have to wait to see!!! Mom was born in May, died in October (as did my dad).
    HBT and yes, I saw your pretty Tuesday Blooms!

  7. isn't that interesting that you rmom also took up drawing etc later in life. like mother like daughter....hbt to you lynn too.

  8. What sweet memories of your Mother and of you and Patty playing in the beloved roses.

    Your disintigrations packet didn't fair very poorly being outside. I will be interested in seeing what you do with all that.

  9. I can´t wait to see what you will create with the remains of your package!
    Soulbrush has made a very beautiful post about you! Don´t you think?

    Love the bird and the flowers, I am certainly born in the wrong place.......

    Have a nice day!

  10. Yes, Soul it is interesting. I knew this but had forgotten...DH found her sketch pads in our garage and handed them to me recently...not much there, but fun to find.

    Lisa, oh the games Patty and I played...I too wonder what I will make with all that! ;~)

    Marianne, I saw it and am so thrilled and blessed at the same time to have Soul as a friend.
    And you have to have been born in just the right place, as you create the most beautiful art!

  11. your mom sounds like a lovely woman. the disintegrating package souds neat.

  12. I came here to write this:

    Lynn,You are so lucky to have all such wonderful flowers in your garden. Tht itself must be a great deal of inspiration for you:)

    On the way, I stopped by at Soul's place and now I am just speechless. Your quilt is stunning. Your act is so generous. You all are just AMAZING!!! These words are just not enuf... The feeling right now is so strong tht I wish I could hug you and say 'YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND MAGNIFICIENT WOMAN, LYNN'. There's so much positivity in you. You are very talented and are just GREAT!!!

    Happy Days!!!
    ps:overflowing with emotions:)

  13. You are reminding me of Mothers Day coming up! What a nice tribute to your Mom here! I will go and check out what this disintegration packet thing is on Seth's page! It sounds very interesting!

  14. Suki, yes, she was...

    Deep! Oh my! Your words bowl me over...please know I am a mere human being not a SUPER being. And thank you for your wonderful praise...I do appreciate each word you wrote! ;-)

    Julie, yes, Mother's Day is this weekend...and we always celebrated it and my mom's birthday together.
    Do check out Seth's blog, there is some awesome art there, his is simply amazing and the other disintegration packets are all of great interest and inspiration.

  15. i agree touching...and i enjoyed viewing


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