Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Tribute To/From My Friend Soulbrush; The Best Animal: A Human Baby! Meet Maggie Rae If You Haven't Already Had The Pleasure! Happy Animal Wednesday!

Yesterday Soulbrush honoured me on her blog by showing the quilts I made for her. I have posted them here again, not to show off my art, but to show you SOUL'S SOUL that went into this quilt: Forever Young And I wanted you to be able to click on them to see them in detail. Soul as a child, her men in her life, her beloved Aunt Essie, her own wonderful art work, her connection to South Africa, her wonderful brother:brother and sister young and now, her doggie Snuffles... Soul's mother and aunt, her religious heritage, more art, more So. Africa, Soul at Sixty, baby Soul... The whole cloth...what a labor of love it was...thanks Soul for asking for it and letting me into your life so deeply...what a gift to me this was/is... And now the one to whom it will go... Look what Soulbrush posted on her blog this week! Maggie Rae is playing with the taggy quiltlet I made her. And she's saying Hi to Grandma Lynnie. That's me! Hi Maggie!!!! Sending you love and hugs back all the way to London Town. (permission granted from Grandie Soul to publish all these photos here of her precious Maggie) Isn't she adorable? Yes she is!!! Well, I studied it, I grabbed it, I chewed on it, what else am I supposed to do with this silly thing? I think I've gone and mastered it! What's next Grandma Lynnie? ************************************************************************************* Now here I am again, on my bright colorful quilted Grandie Bag/Mat you made for me/us. I like all these bright colors, and soon I will be sitting on it and pointing to my Grandie and all the animals here! You can see me searching them all out now in fact! I am!!! Oh look she is blowing me a kiss, she is! xoxoxo to you too Maggie Rae! Love and hugs from Grandma Lynnie!!!!


  1. Absolutely an adorable post today. :)) You have the knack of figuring people out really well, as we can see in your quilt for SB. Maggie is just adorable.

  2. Its been emotional and senti days for you both,Lynn. No need to say again,right? You knw how I feel abt it.

    Thanks for your inspiring comments at my place:)

  3. Goodness....we're gonna have to send you over there - I can just see the two of you cooing over that baby!!!

    That Soul - she is an animal ain't she????

  4. Wonderful post Lynn!
    I am fascinated by what you create!
    maggie is such a cutiepetootie!!!!!
    She looks like Soulbrush don't you think?


  5. That was a wonderful tribute to you that Soul did yesterday. Your work and gifts for her and Maggie are marvelous. Happy Animal Wednesday too.

  6. your gifts to soul and maggie are so lovely. and how fun to see maggie agian here. i always delight in her precious self.

  7. Cris, thanks. I try! Do my best.

    Deep, thanks and good.

    Mim, wouldn't that be grand?

    Marianne, yes, I do think she looks just like her Grandie! And thanks.

    Lisa, wasn't that the best?!

    Suki, right, I can't get enough of Maggie either!!

  8. Maggie Rae is such a sweetheart of a girl!!! Adorable! Your quilts are gorgeous!!! Soul B and Maggie are such happy and lucky girls!!!

  9. You are really kind and thoughtful Lynn.
    Love you:)

  10. oh my god how did i miss this lynnie..i know you mentioned it and i thought i had looked out for it...what a sweet and absolutely adorable baby that glad she's related to me,and that she even looks like ys maggie munchkin, and love ya grandie lynnie and love all my friends that commented.


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